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Wrong facebook account

i reset my quest 2 and when i went on my phone to set it back up my account was unmerged so i went to merge it back and it was the wrong facebook account and i have bought alot of games on my oculus account so i can't just delete it how can i change ...

Can't link Cards or Paypal on Quest or Go.

When my Debit Card link expired in 2020 I tried to link a new card and have not been able to do so. I've tried linking my new debit card, credit cards and PayPal all with no success. Support made some suggestions and I tried them all. All I can think...

2021 and controllers still fall a sleep!

Please give us more control over 'battery saving'. I have no issues to charge batteries for Oculus Quest 2 and changing them is far less problem than getting your game progress ruined by a controller falling a sleep. - If there are active connection ...

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