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Severe GPU shortages may last at least until 2022

This is quite sad information, but the gpu shortage is severe and may last for at least 1 year - more info here: " [...] AIBs like Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, and others are currently receiving fewer than 20 units of Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards per count...

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RuneSR2 by Level 16
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file sharing

missclicked on the menu where it asks if you want to allow device (pc) to share files. I pressed dont show again and even after going into developer mode and re enabling the prompt, it wouldnt work. factory reset my quest 2 5 minutes ago and nothing ...

Some Clarifications

Hi all,Maybe my questions are too simple, but I would appreciate if people find time answer them. Currently I am thinking about purchasing quest 2, but need some clarifications. Fact is that if I ever purchase quest 2 I will do it not to play games f...

Grey pixel on right eye

First day out of the box, first day playing. Seeing a single grey pixel on the right side. It goes away when powering off and on. But comes back after a few minutes of being on. Seems like a software bug not a hardware. Is this bug being patched?

Why doesn't my Oculus Quest 2 Link work?

So when I try to load up Link it just automatically closes and I can hear my PC do the little usb disconnect sound then right after the reconnect sound comes through. I've already tried countless YouTube videos, the Oculus Troubleshooting and have as...

Wheres my menu?

Hello! I have the oculus quest 2 and when I was installing and preparing the play zone. When i finished configuring it gets stuck in some place with bubbles and I cant acces the menu or advance in any way. Is there anything I am missing? Is this comm...

Oculus App Cell Phone

Hi There, since yesterday I cannot find the option Button on my oculus app anymore. There is only shop, etc. On it, but no options to get a game back to the oculus store after buying it... Is there anybody out there, who can solve the problem?


Why can’t I record audio? Can oculus have an update which allows you to record audio?

Quest 2 with Link

When the Quest 2 software and Oculus PC software are not both updated, they should notify the user and provide an update button. Why does my PC not realize my Quest 2 is plugged into my PC half the time? Why does my PC think my Quest 2 is on a USB 2....

Quest 2 controller light is stuck on

so earlier in the day I was getting the flashing and vibrating in the controller and the tracking was messed up I fixed that later in the day only for the next problem to appear the light on the ring of the oculus is stuck on please help idk how to ...


Games corrupting

Yesterday I just bought boneworks ans beatsaber after I installed them on steam I launched beatsaber first. It worked just fine no problems. After that I tried boneworks and it worked just fine. I woke up today to play a bit of beatsaber, but when I ...

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