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Gane not finishing installation

I've been trying to download the new season one update for population one on my oculus quest two. The download process works just fine, but it has been stuck on the installing screen for a few hours. How can I fix this?

Pinned troubleshooting thread?

I'm seeing more and more posts lately asking the same questions over and over about link not working, common questions and troubleshooting. What are the chances we can get an RTFM post pinned to the top along with the latest update thread? If need be...

Advice on using OVR_CAPIShim

Hey, I have a project that has been linking with the OVR libs that I'd like to switch to using OVR_CAPIShim and OVR_CAPI_Prototypes, but I can't find more than a sentence or two of documentation on using this. Does anybody have experience with this t...

How to achieve movement like "flying" in VR

Hi everyone,I have a question about the "continuous move" from the latest XR Interaction toolkit. I would like to use it in zero gravity and it works fine, but i can only move on the horizontal axis. Is there a way to add vertical movement as well? I...

Fitness Game Suggestion

Hi developers, I think it would be really cool to see an all in one fitness game. A game like wii fit plus would be incredibly awesome. A game where you can go jogging, skiing, do yoga, do parkour, etc. It would be awesome and many people would likel...

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