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Can't download/install Games over 1GB

Hi, since I have my Quest 2 I can't install/download bigger games with more than 1GB. I have a rocksolid Wifi connection but just 50 MBit/s download bandwith because I live in Germany. Sometimes Games with 1.2GB or less are fine but I can't install T...

Very disappointed

Oculus RiftS. I have a ticket in that seems to be put on ignore. Graphics are absolutely horrible. Good FPS, horrible display. And yes, I have exhausted all available tips and tricks regarding fit and pupil distance. Guardian won't stay set no matter...

Oculus Rift headset will not work

Hi, new to this. Bought an Oculus Rift with the necessary requirements for a PC that is plenty powerful. Ran it for over 12 months no problems, all updates carried out when asked.then, for no reason, headset won’t engage. Everything else works, I’ve ...

Very slow download speed

I recently bought a Quest 2 and I geht very slow connection to oculus servers in general. It does not matter wether I am using the Windows software or the store on the Quest 2 itself. Browsing the store is a chore, preview videos don't play, download...

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