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Crackling audio in Rift S

I updated my mobo: MSI tomahawk B550and my CPU: 5600x after that, the audio sounds like crackling/popping. Everything else works fine. Any ideas? Ive changed all usb seats, reinstalled oculus etc. nothing works

Can't install games

On my Oculus Quest 2, I'm unable to play saints and sinners because it is stuck on the loading screen. Stumped, I headed to my PC to play it wired. I've tried reinstalling oculus, using a VPN to install, changing drive locations but I'm not able to d...

Resolved! Oculus Link with cable

Im trying to use Oculus link with a cable, it has prevously worked before but now isnt. when i plug the headset into my PC while on the connect your headset page, the continue box quickly flashes blue then blacks out again, so the PC is picking my he...

Oculus Setup Restart Computer Error

The oculus app keeps failing to install and shows up with restart computer. I have tried restarting many times used and tried many forum solutions such as using regscanner to delete old registries, boot into safe mode and deleting oculus folders in m...

jayklly by Level 2
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Pico Neo 3 released in China

The Pico Neo 3 VR headset is apparently out now in China. Specs: - Snapdragon XR2 (same as Quest 2) - 1832 x 1920 per eye (same as Quest 2) - 4 camera inside out tracking - optical tracki...

Pico-Neo-3-Pro-Eye-Hero-1.jpg f8adc49766654fd77b12d81d7e8f0e1e.jpg 48c94fcf9a8b3d204413c9e309372de5.jpg
kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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