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Tracking lost

my controller batteries were at 10% so i was going to switch them out for the first time since getting my quest 2 and i put batteries into it and they wont connect it keeps saying tracking lost and then cant find the controllers, so i got more batter...

Cody723 by Level 1
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Debugging player via quick preview

I'm pretty sure i'm doing this wrong, but in order to be able to attach a vs debugger to my quest2 i've had to go into OVRBundleManager.cs and update the buildPlayerOptions to include AllowDebugging. Should it not be picking this up from the fact tha...

Game Design (Pay-wall / Skill-wall / Time-wall / no wall)

As I get older and play video games less and less, i don't have a lot of time to invest in game or games. Also i would say that I am alright at some types of games but get annoyed with others because progression is absolute nothing.So my point of dis...

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