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Quest 2 can't access USB-Stick

I used an external USB-Stick to view pictures and videos on the quest 1, but it doesn't work on the Quest 2.I tried everything:- The gallery app is no longer available- Sideloaded Total Commander (USB Stick doesnt appear)- Tried every media player in...

Oculus Link would not work on Windows VM

I am running a Windows VM on a MacBook Pro to run Oculus Link and use my Oculus Quest 2 but the Oculus app would not detect the VMware Graphics adapter. VM Graphics Spec -Device Name - VMware SVGA 3DManufacturer - VMware Inc.Chip Type - VMware Virtua...

Saphira25_1-1614464931325.png OculusLink.PNG

oculus link problem

Hey Ich hab 2 Probleme 1 ich kann mein Mikro net richtig benutzen ich hab ein Lösung die nur solang ich es benutze klappt und nächstes mal muss ich es nochma machen und Problem 2 ist das ich bei kleiner Bewegung des kabel oculus link abricht das Prob...

Rift CV-1 will not update firmware

Just bought new Dell G5 5000, Nvidia 1660ti, latest drivers including AMD processor. Disabled anti virus. Everything detected but headset. Help?

Sven7 by Level 2
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Multiple account issue - app sharing

I am having an issue with sharing apps on the oculus quest 2. When I add a second account, it is able to start up, and play all of the apps/games associated with the account. However, when I go to the primary account, and turn on app sharing, it will...

Donating Quest

Hello. I’m giving my quest one to my brother because i got a quest two. I don’t want to share one account to where if i’m playing he can’t but i want him to keep all my games i’ve bought. Is this possible or will he have to buy new games and new acco...

JaseBBY by Level 2
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Augmented reality and combining apps

OK, it'll take entirely too long to create an entire game from scratch, augmented reality, meant to be played indoors.. The examples I give here are NOT the "game", just possible examples.. You begin in your home, and the 'clock' runs backwards, a ti...

Poor service

3 headsets since Xmas all broken poor service they say dont open a duplicate maybe they should respond quicker so people know the emails have been answered but after 4 days with no reply can see why people open new tickets

rayza69 by Level 2
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hotel wifi connection

Im staying in a hotel and they always have a popup portal through the web browser to enter your information to connect to the hotel wifi. At this hotel the portal pops up but wont load properly. ive tried 100 times. the web address comes up as client...

lukiee by Level 2
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Audio problems

I’m really struggling to get audio with my friend when connected in a party. We get a brief second of audio every few seconds if that before losing any sound. He has two brand new Quest 2 headsets and neither work. I have never had any issues when ch...

Sanselm by Level 2
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Take Star Trek Bridge Crew off the store!

How can you ethically let customers purchase something that you know doesn’t work on your hardware? Nothing on the box or the manual stated that customers should research every app available on your store before purchasing because your company is not...

Unable to connect to wifi

I have a new Oculus Quest 2 but it will not connect to wifi. Have tried everything from re-booting headset, factory re-set and re-starting wifi. All we get is a message saying ‘incorrect wifi name or credentials’.I am using the correct wifi password....

Left Controller Drift issues - Quest 2

I am having an issue with my left Controller only 2 months after purchase! It is always drifting to the left as if I were pushing the analog stick that way, although I am not. Looking online I see many others have had problems with this exact same is...

Help selecting a problem free setup

Before I invest 2000 Can Dollars on a new PC just so I can access Steam with the Oculus link for my Q1 ( I would prefer a laptop for portability but I am minimally open to considering a desktop pc) I would love to know if there are PC's on the market...

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