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Washed out/faded colors

Sorry in advance for my english.two days ago i bought quest 2 but i'm disappointed. When I connect the VR to the PC, everything works as it should, but the picture quality? The colors are faded when I look at my full hd monitor (it's not even a gamin...

quest 2 virtual hands sometimes get 'stuck' for a while

While interacting in various games, etc. I will now and then have my virtual hands get stuck. Mostly this shows up as my hands being able to rotate and such but they can't move in space. For example I might be about to push a button when suddenly mov...

My Quest 2 keeps getting it's tracking lost

For some reason my Quest 2 keeps losing it's tracking, not the controller tracking, but the headset tracking. When tracking gets lost, I get sent to a dark menu saying "Tracking Lost" and tells me to quit the app I'm using. Sometimes it would come ba...

Facebook email change doesn't reflect Oculus email?

I use my phone number to log into Facebook and I recently realized I had an old email (hotmail lol) that I never use. I went to change my Facebook email to an email I actually use, but my Oculus email remains as the hotmail one. Facebook profile in s...

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