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Account Linking and Unity

Hi I'm trying to link the account from my game to the Oculus account. I'm reading the documentation fromAccount Linking: Unity | Oculus Developers The problem is that there is not a single example of code anywhere. I'm trying to achieve this using Un...

SMU VR Conference 2022

Hello, I am a doctoral student at SMU in Dallas and I am part of a group designing a conference to be held Spring 2022 at SMU, which will focus on virtual reality as a new medium of storytelling. New ways to tell stories means new ways to understand ...

Resolved! Black screen after 3 dots inside guardian

Hi everyone, This is a very recent problem concerning my quest 2.It starts up normally, but once the 3 dots are gone i'm engulved in black, only being able to see my guardian. Once i physically get out of it, it switches to passthrough. I have update...

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Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Here, you can chat with other Oculus users about our products, services, games, apps, or really anything else. Please be sure to review the Oculus Forum Rules and FAQ thread before posting.

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