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Oculus Quest 2 LCD Screen Replacement

Hello,Sadly I realized that the sun just burnt my LCD screen. I have permanent yellowish spots on both lenses. Anyone knows the price to replace the LCD by Oculus ? It's not that much pertubing but I feel that I'm losing a bit of immersion in VR beca...

Impossible to install Asgard's Wrath

Hello, I would like some help regarding the installation of Asgard's Wrath. This game was free with the oculus quest 2 and I tried several time to download and install it. Each time it fails with the same message: Sorry, we couldn't install Asgard's ...

WiFi is connected but doesn’t work.

So I am connected to my WiFi network but I cannot get any information from the internet. My profile doesn’t come up. I cannot connect to the store. I can’t update any games. I have tried another network and have the same problem.

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