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Can't Get User Name (App Lab)

I am developing an Oculus Quest app for release on the App Lab. Previously, I was able to get the player's user name just fine viaOculus.Platform.Users.GetLoggedInUser()but recently that stopped working and now the user name is just an empty/null str...

Auto save in Arizona Sunshine

Every time I begin a game playing Arizona Sunshine single player and I die, the game sends me all the way back. I would dearly love to know how I can "autosave" while playing because having to go all the way back each time ruins the game for me. It's...

I84U2 by Level 2
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Error during installation encountered

I have the Oculus and trying to download the pc software. It went through full installation of files and halfway through the actual installation phase when every time it ends with "An Error was encountered during installation, restart your computer a...

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