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Official Oculus Link cable

Hello, i just bought Oculus Link by Facebook cable (official cable) and use it without any problem with my quest 2 for about 1 month. The USB speeds were 2.1 Gbp/s, but suddenly, after oculus quest latest update, the speed decreased to 1.8 Gbp/s and,...

Resolved! Question

If i plug in my 64 GB Quest to my pc can i download a 100 GB game with my pc storage?

2 Quest Consoles-1 PC-Play rift Games

Hi - i am planning to buy Quest 2 and i already have/enjoying Quest 1. And playing Rift games using link cable.Now the question is: if i buy Quest 2 and connect my PC with link cable to access rift games and assume i have connected both Quest 1 and Q...

Oculus quest 2 tracking not working

I posted once about my oculus quest and didnt get any answers, so I sold it. Of course I got an answer as soon as I sold it. But, good news, I got a oculus quest 2. So. I was playing Rec Room and my headset accidently fell out of my head and onto my ...

Oculus quest 2 slowing down my network

Every time I turn on my Quest 2 my girlfriend's phone loses internet connection. I've tested it like 5 times by rebooting and it's definitely the quest. I tried to limit it's bandwidth to 10mbps through my rputer and it still shut her internet down. ...

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