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TF2 hats and servers

rmcclellandrmcclelland Posts: 146
edited April 2013 in Games and Apps
It would be great to hang out with other dev kit owners on a non-violent TF2 server. Anyone up for that?

Also, how do we get our hats?


  • cgallizzicgallizzi Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    yeah i would be more that willing as soon as mine comes in :D
  • Definitely a good idea. Maybe like minded Rift Peeps should share steam names and form a group ?

    Mine is stephen406.
  • jayohjayoh Posts: 95
    Hiro Protagonist
    rumour is oculus is setting up a server with vr friendly maps and modes!
    i'm building STV.RE
  • FlameHazeFlameHaze Posts: 84
    Those servers sound appealing. I think a more relaxed entry to TF2 VR is always welcome.

    Also, as for the OR Dev Kit hat, I'm guessing we will be emailed a code to redeem it at least over the coming week. The Deadline for being on the list for a hat was to back the kickstarter/preorder before April 1st. It's 3:25AM April 1st here ATM, but I'm not able to check my email for another seven hours at least. I will report back later if I receive any news, as will others I presume :D

    EDIT: My steam community name is also FlameHaze :D
  • rmcclellandrmcclelland Posts: 146
    Is there an Oculus Rift Group in Steam community. Seems like there should be.

    There is an Oculus group, but is seems unrelated.
  • wyldewylde Posts: 5
    anyone have an ETA on when we get the hat codes?
  • WormSlayerWormSlayer Posts: 51
    Hiro Protagonist
    I started a steam group for this very reason though it's been pretty inactive while we all wait for delivery:

    It's not official or anything but Palmer is a member.
  • clrammerclrammer Posts: 7
    This is a great idea, and I hope the word about VR-friendly maps is true! Steam name is clrammer. I joined the Oculus Rift Owners group started by WormSlayer so I am ready to rock except for one critical piece.... (order number ~7400 :( ).
  • KordaKorda Posts: 60
    There is an unofficial Rift server that a member on the MTBS forums has set up. ... m+fortress

    I'm sure they won't mind me posting this but if someone from MTBS takes offense I will remove the link
  • According to Oculus3D on Twitter you can access the code for your TF2 hat by going to the sales page IF you are a kickstarter backer.

    If you pre-ordered before 4/1/13 then you get your hat code once your order status changes to "processing."

    Here's a link to their twitter if you want to look for yourself:

    Link for sales page:

    Just thought I would help spread the word about this since I only saw this on their twitter account. :D
  • rustbyterustbyte Posts: 2
    Clicking the "Claim code" doesnt do anything for me.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  • ExtantExtant Posts: 2
    I claimed it, but the code is in fact for some spider hat from the MMO game RIFT, not for the oculus rift. Pretty funny mix-up there.
  • bellch87bellch87 Posts: 23
    Sounds good. My steam id is Man with a Rift :D
  • Feel free to add me, uh, I dont have the rift just yet, but I'd like to stay in the loop for when I do.
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