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[DK2] Enter the Train Demo Beta 1.1

v3ryv3ry Posts: 6
edited August 2014 in Showcase
Hello, i am member of staff of and i work on my own project for 4 months .

The final story is this:

You just woke up amnesic in a moving train, you are alone and there is a storm outside. Your cart is a mess, but why are you here? What should you do? It's up to you to discover in this small game, oriented exploration in a confined environment with an after taste of horror.

For the demo, no horror and no storm, you just need to found 2 keys.
Oculus SDK 0.4.1 with Unreal Engine 4.4


For download go here : this is official webpage for check for update.

Good play and test.


  • drashdrash Posts: 2,840
    Hi v3ry, I gave this a try as soon as it popped up in my inbox from

    It *looks* fantastic with an interesting premise, but couldn't really get too far for two reasons:

    1) Judder, didn't know how to work around it in UE4. Maybe it's just my machine. Nvidia GTX 660, forgot to check FPS. Basically rendered it unplayable re: looking around.

    2) WASD didn't seem to work like I expect. At one point I think the D key was going forward, and Z was going back? Couldn't figure it out.

    So, most of my time was spent fighting the controls and trying not to look around too much because of the juddering.
    I did manage to pick up a knife, and thought that was neat. Also walked down all the way through the kitchen and stuff.
    The environment and atmosphere is very well done, and I'll definitely come back and try it again at some point. :)
  • OrkelOrkel Posts: 85
    Hiro Protagonist
    I can confirm the controls, for some reason instead of WASD it's ZQES

    Also, with i5 2500k + GTX 770 + 8GB RAM my FPS was hovering around 55-75, which because of the current SDK bugs (timewarp?) causes judder, even when it dips only to 70-74.
  • v3ryv3ry Posts: 6
    Hey, sorry i am a french and use azerty keyboard, you can change input settings here:

    Change line :

    No problem with 360 controller

    Sorry this is corrected in the next update.
  • epicslothzepicslothz Posts: 116
    You should turn this into a full fleged game inspired by Snowpiercer.

  • v3ryv3ry Posts: 6
    Update to beta 1.1
    -Azerty/Qwerty Ready
    -Its more easy to grab keys
    -Warning message if a problem occur when the keys spawn
    -Little optimisation
    -More easy to drop objects
    -A lot little more
    No easy change settings now but its coming. Thanks all for your positive feedback. Now i go work to make Chapter01.
  • jeffgoldwarfjeffgoldwarf Posts: 120
    You made the common mistake of simply changing the player's height to simulate the viewpoint of a child, but what you need to do is either change the scale of the world or the IPD. With the solution you've chosen, it feels like you are a full grown adult with your body buried in the ground from the waist down.
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