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Need Help DitectX 9(+MFC) (Distortion Problem)

RobustarRobustar Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Support
Hi developers. i am Noob Oculus SDK Use..

I make DX(DirectX 9) Viewer. and I have Some Problem.

So far make DX Viewr just use DX9 and use MFC.

now can See 2 viewport view.(]) but how to make the Distortion Effect?

I don't know how to use Oculus SDK...

i know Distortion Effect to use Shader. but i can't use Shader and HLSL, So how can i do use Oculus SDK?( I mean How to use Oculus SDK Distortion Rendering , no Client Distortion...(I don't know how to use shader.))

I want use Oculus SDK(0.4.1Ver.)

if want see the source code give me Email. i will send all Source.

somebody help( Sorry to my English ability I can't use English Well.. :oops: )~~~~~~~~~
helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp :(:cry::cry::(
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