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[CV1] CastleCoaster - RiftCoaster clone

ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
edited September 2016 in Showcase
I am working on a RiftCoaster clone, build with Unity. No assets from UDK or UE4 are used but I aim to make it look as similar as possible, except for some graphical improvements. All assets are from the Unity Asset Store and TurboSquid as I am a programmer, not an artist. If you have something to donate, let me know.

This screenshot is just a quick prototype. The final version will look much better.

Why not make a new coaster? None of the coasters out there give me the same sensation as with RiftCoaster. The way the track is designed is quite ingenious, even though an existing demo scene is used. Replicating the RiftCoaster thrill should be easier then trying to design something from scratch. And there is the sense of nostalgia. It was one of the first demos and still is one of the best. But unfortunately it doesn't work with the DK2 and it doesn't look that is going to be fixed any time soon.

Why not use the Epic Citadel in UDK? UDK doesn't support the DK2 and has some camera transform issues (camera can't rotate with a vehicle), although this guy seems to have solved those problems: ... detailpage

Why not use UE4? UDK scenes are not compatible with UE4 so everything has to be build from scratch. And since I already know Unity, it will be much easier to stick with that.

How does it work? I use MegaShapes to build the spline which defines the track shape. Using this, it is really fast to make or modify the track. Luckily it also supports the airborne section. For the physics, a simple acceleration function seems to work fine: f = m g cos θ − b v.

The river is made from a glass refraction shader which I modified to scroll the UV coordinates. It looks pretty good for programmer art. There are not much assets in my prototype scene yet but it already runs at 1800 fps on a 780ti. Not a typo. It should be possible to run it on Mobile. GearVR, anyone?

Suggestions are welcome.

Toggle ocean between fancy and simple (might solve some graphics issues): O
Recenter: R
Pause: P
Slow down on ramp: S
Quit: ALT-F4

Motion data:
Data out: UDP
Port: 20777
Data format: string dataString = linearAccVector.x+"/" + linearAccVector.y+"/" + linearAccVector.z+"/" + angularAccVector.x+"/" + angularAccVector.y+"/" + angularAccVector.z+"/" + position.x+"/" + position.y+"/" + position.z+"/" + rotation.x+"/" + rotation.y+"/" + rotation.z+"/" + rotation.w+"/";
Linear acceleration format: vector in local space. Includes gravity.
Angular acceleration format: vector in local space.
Rotation format: world space quaternion. For example, if the output vector is 0,0,-5, the angular acceleration is 5 deg/second^2 around the Z axis, to the left.
Position format: world space.

CastleCoaster download v0.9 - 64 bit:

MotionDataTest download: ... sp=sharing

-Added support for CV1


  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    I'm all for seeing new rides, especially ones that have been made with care. I'l be following this one! :)
  • planbplanb Posts: 43
    Brain Burst
    Great! Can't wait to try it.Thank you!!!
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    edited October 2014
    I posted a very early pre-alpha version. It just shows off some of the features I am working on. See first post for the link.

    It runs at a very high framerate on a 780ti and is butter smooth. Advantage is taken of the fact that most of the scene is static and no real physics are used. If you experience stuttering even if you have a high end card, you need to fix your refresh rate.

    The sense of scale is awesome. Just look around and enjoy the view.

    Pay attention to the sound. Some effects use 3d binaural audio from 3DCeption to give a nice 3d positional effect. The effect of wind blowing over your ears is a 2D sound effect "hack" (using stereo panning for spatialisation and adjusting pitch to simulate wind speed) but it works quite well. As you pan your head, the blowing sound reacts accordingly. I think more games should have this included as it happens in real life as well and adds to the immersion effect. Give it a try.

    The water looks surprisingly cool considering it is a drag and drop operation form here:

    Another thing I noticed is that too sharp turns cause a thrill because you expect the lorry to derail. The kink in the initial drop was unintentional but I left it in because the first time I tried it I had to hold the armrests even though I made the demo myself :o

    I couldn't find a suitable lorry-rolling-over-track sound so I settled for one which is actually the sound of cars driving over a metal bridge. I am quite happy with the result though.

    The colored ribbon on the track is just for debugging and shows different track sections. Red is friction, amber is pull up ramp, and green is acceleration.

    Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more updates.
  • RoyMi6RoyMi6 Posts: 171
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yes! Not tested this yet but again, I agree that the original just hit the sweat spot.

    All the new ones just don't give the same effect in my opinion.

    Couple of things I think you need to keep that make me think the original was the best.

    1) Slow ramp up was great for giving people a look at what's coming and the timing made it great for them to try stuff as I talked them through it ("look left, look right - now try looking behind you!")

    2) The length of the coaster also made it not too short and not too long - again, perfect for demoing

    3) The jump at the end allowed people to get the idea of what VR could BRING to this type of experience. Without it why not just go on a regular rollercoaster?

    4) Corners worked well - whatever the guy does with the camera and the angles of the corners I think they just worked so much better than any modern implementation.

    It may be "realistic" that modern coasters have "side jolting" corners where you get rammed against sides of your seat, but because you can't feel it they just don't work. Make all the corners so you go around them at 1G directly downwards and your brain doesn't get confused.

    5) Sounds, while not perfect the clicking sound and the wind sound worked well enough.
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    Give CastleCoaster a try and I think you will find that it comes pretty close to the points you mention.

    I agree with the corner slamming. I will fix that!
  • Lurch666Lurch666 Posts: 54
    Hiro Protagonist
    Pretty damn good start.

    Just wondering if the castle is supposed to be that dark.Black smears with low persistence so it was noticeable.

    Also thought the going up part took too long.

    Apart from that it's a great!
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    The big castle has dark textures to start with. I think it looks too dark as well. Will try to photoshop the textures to make it a bit brighter. When global illumination with Unity 5 is used, it should look a bit brighter as well.

    Will make the ramp shorter. Thanks for the feedback.
  • sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
    Hiro Protagonist
    Great start! It is really something! I've listed a couple of things below:

    - The sound effects were great, and really added to it
    - The sense of heights going over that first hill were just as good as the original, if not better
    - The water was nice

    - As others have mentioned, it was REALLY dark. To the point that the top half of the castle was entirely pitch black.
    - You seem to have WAY too much speed going down that first hill. To the point where those turns on the first down-slope are just jarring, and you are going too fast to even be able to tell what is happening.
    - Obviously scenery is sparser than the original, but that is to be expected.
    - The lift hill took a little too long

    Again, great job and I can't wait to see some of your updates!
  • sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
    Hiro Protagonist
    Sorry for the double response. I just noticed that things look a lot better in your screenshot than they do when I am in the game itself. Was that taken on the coaster or in Unity? Maybe the darkness thing is something with my system and not a texture/Unity issue?
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    Thanks for the feedback. Will make the ramp up shorter and tweaking the speed is already on the to do list.

    It the image is way too dark, it might be a misplaced Oculus menu effect. Try hitting the space bar and see if that lights up the scene. If it does, I might have to remove the in game menu because this caused problems before. Let me know if that solves the problem.

    Either way, it should look exactly like in the screenshot.
  • theregoes2theregoes2 Posts: 198
    Hiro Protagonist
    Downloading now. I really hope that it works. One of my biggest disappointments was that Rift Coaster wasn't available for the DK2. I must have watched 30 different people try that demo while I was waiting for my kit and I was so stoked to try it out.
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  • This is a really good start, I can confirm that the castle looks way to dark, but when i hit spacebar as per your suggestion, it lights up nicely but then you have the hud-menu...
    I think the long way up is good for first timers, as someone here said, it gives you time to instruct them and they can get accustomed to the whole thing. The way down is very nice :-)
    If I may make a suggestion, make the carrige you ride in a little smaller so we can look over the edge more easy.
    great work!
    // gregof
  • ccp001ccp001 Posts: 232
    Brain Burst
    its really cool except it is really dark unless you move you use positional tracking then i gets bright until you move back to the normal position
  • ccp001ccp001 Posts: 232
    Brain Burst
    seems like you mixed up the hud menu shades and the regular shades haha
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    gregof wrote:
    If I may make a suggestion, make the carrige you ride in a little smaller so we can look over the edge more easy.
    Good idea! I will implement that.

    Something is definitely wrong with the HUD shader logic. The only thing I did though is add an OVRMenu script to the OVR camera prefab, so you'd expect it will work out of the box but apparently not. I test my demo without positional tracking because my camera is behind my monitor and I have to shift the whole thing to the side. That explains why I didn't pick it up.

    Will fix it! Stay tuned.
  • ccp001ccp001 Posts: 232
    Brain Burst
    it was still cool dark haha it was kinda intimidating
  • LordJuanloLordJuanlo Posts: 304
    The demo has terrible graphics artifacts coming down from the sky during all the ride, several people with AMD Radeon cards have reported it on my forum, and it also happens to me.
    Comunidad española de RV / Spanish VR Community
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    I have tracked the dark screen down to the Unity Color Space. The Oculus doesn't like Linear color space. Set Linear color space in the Tuscany demo and you will get the same effect. Will investigate how to fix this.

    A lot of people have this issue:

    Not sure what is causing the artifact on AMD cards. Sounds like a driver bug. Unfortunately I do not have an AMD card so I can't really fix it. Sorry.
  • I'd guess it's the shader. Looks like big walls of water popping in and out.
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    New version released.

    Changelog v0.2:
    -Added position reset (R) key.
    -Added pause (P) key. Pause at the top of drop and enjoy the view or pause to swap victim.
    -Fixed too dark screen by reverting to lib v0.4.1.
    -Ramp pull up speed increased. Use S to toggle speed between high and low.
    -Reduced coaster run speed.
    -Slightly reduced big castle size and modified track around it.
    -Increased bank in some turns.
    -Added metal squeak sound.
    -Reduced lorry size.
    -Doesn't use player height anymore.
    -Added some music coming from one of the buildings.
  • ccp001ccp001 Posts: 232
    Brain Burst
    nice you fixed everything
  • Lurch666Lurch666 Posts: 54
    Hiro Protagonist
    The better lighting lets me admire the castle so much as I go up that it's better than the ride down.

    Very impressed.Thanks dude.
  • ccp001ccp001 Posts: 232
    Brain Burst
    mine starts at about the drop though, was that on purpose?
  • hellionhellion Posts: 51
    Hiro Protagonist
    that was fun, same as above with starting on the drop. i missed it the 1st time but made up for it with a few more passes :) will look awesome with lighting
  • MysticetiMysticeti Posts: 58
    Hiro Protagonist
    Very nice job although somewhat nauseating for me, sadly.
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    Oops, I forgot to set the lorry at the bottom B)

    Will fix that.
  • ElecmanElecman Posts: 129
    Ok, try again.

    Change log v0.3
    -Placed lorry at bottom.
  • FlukeFluke Posts: 176
    Is low persistence disabled? The demo runs really smoothly, but I get a lot of blur when looking around.
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  • mrcrispmrcrisp Posts: 267
    I'm getting giant artifacts coming down from the skybox.

    Aside from that, nice job- low persistence works great and a smooth 75fps all the way.
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  • RoyMi6RoyMi6 Posts: 171
    Hiro Protagonist
    Can't download :(

    Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.
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