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Cord holder

tialkannostialkannos Posts: 11
edited June 2013 in Support
It is not a major issue, but I was not very pleased with the Rift cord holder, because the cord always falls, so I decided to hold the cable in another way. I passed the cable inside the head strap and used a badge clip to hold it.


  • geekmastergeekmaster Posts: 2,866
    Nexus 6
    The cord strain relief plastic is much too stiff. My cable insulation split and the shield wires are starting to fray even with gentle handling and no obvious cord strains or jerks during two months of use. I did not snap it into the strap cord holder clips until today, but that is how it arrived and many will use it the same way I did.

    I can fix this myself, but this may be a problem for others in the future unless a softer cord strain relief is used on the Rift headset.

    I just noticed this today after taking it out of my storage case.

    Recommendation: Use a softer more-flexible cord strain relief on the headset.

    For people who do not have this problem (yet), use the built-in cord clip on the head strap adjustment clips, or use the solution in the above photo. The built-in clips seem very secure for me (probably more than that spring clip shown above).
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