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Gear VR to be a closed ecosystem?

MoeCappMoeCapp Posts: 115
edited September 2014 in Samsung Gear VR
According to this article, all software must go though the official channels.

While it is probably a good idea to direct consumers through an official software portal and to safe VR experiences, I'm not sure how I feel about the platform being locked down on what precedent this sets for future devices.


  • SharpfishSharpfish Posts: 1,303
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  • mptpmptp Posts: 237
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    I don't have a huge issue with official channels - it allows for a certain guarantee of quality and security. I'm thinking of Steam, Oculus Share, Google Play etc. Sure, it would be great to be able to download a .apk and install it using adb (or some official GearVR installer software), but I don't think too much is lost by creating an official distribution channel for Gear VR apps.

    It's easy to jump ahead to a scary future where Oculus turns evil and becomes the arbiter of taste within VR, abusing the power that comes with controlling the sole distribution channel for a platform, but ultimately VR is bigger than any one company, so if Oculus and Gear VR end up doing a shit job, people will turn elsewhere for their software distribution needs.
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  • GeraldGerald Posts: 1,068
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    What I wonder is how this will affect webbased VR services - does it mean they won't work with the GearVR?

    Otherwise I think it's a good think that Oculus curates the first experiences to make sure they all are offering an enjoyable experience.
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  • bp2008bp2008 Posts: 256
    You can actually install .apk files (Android applications) just by downloading them with your phone and 'running' them as long as you've set your phone to allow this. Doesn't even require root.

    For this to actually be a closed ecosystem they'd have to do things differently from normal Android apps. Like not release the SDK.
  • owenwpowenwp Posts: 681 Oculus Start Member
    It would be nice to have confirmation that we are not being actively locked out. GearVR uses some low level features that are probably not part of the public API, like fixed clock rates, so they certainly could prevent side-loading if they chose to.
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