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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow headed to PC on August 27

captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
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Well, not sure how many of you played Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow on xbox/ps3 when it came out a couple years back.... but it was literally one of the longest, most intense, best games of this entire console generation. Graphics, gameplay, story, audio was all top notch. I often questioned why they didn't release a PC version simply because the graphics were a bit too much for the consoles to handle at some points, and it wasn't doing the game much justice even though it was visually breathtaking.

Regardless, they announced Lords of Shadow 2, and that it would be coming to PC in winter as well as its console release. So I was kind of hoping to hear the original would be rereleased for PC as well.

Appears that's the case... Konami has announced the first Lords of Shadow will be releasing digitally on PC August 27 (boxed copies a few days later)

Unfortunately, I do not know how well it will work in VR because it's 3rd person.... but some of the worlds are so richly detailed and memerizing to just stare at from the architecture and design, should be awesome nonetheless if it ever gets Oculus support.

And... It's up on steam with release date =D


And the youtube trailer for the PC ultimate edition... though I think its just using console footage..

and a trailer for lords of shadow 2...

and another trailer for lords of shadow 2 with more gameplay footage


  • HappyHimitsuHappyHimitsu Posts: 993
    Great news indeed! I've been a fan of the series since the first release back in '86-87. I never really got to play Lords of Shadow as my PS3 had been out of commission until I did a reflow on the mobo last year, but I did get a brief chance to try a demo on my last 360 before it kicked the bucket for the final time.
    Between this and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance coming to PC there is even more reason for my PS3 to remain a paperweight. Oh well, all I really used that thing for was to chat with friends and mess about on PSHome anyhow.
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  • FlukeFluke Posts: 176
    It's one of those games that I absolutely loved (I still play it now and again to nudge it closer to being platinumed) but always wanted to see it at 60fps in a proper res.

    I'll certainly be grabbing the 2nd one on PC.
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  • captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
    Talk about irony... apparently the dev's are working on rift support for Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2...
  • sbnewsomsbnewsom Posts: 258
    This.....came out of left field. Not the PC version, but having rift support. I still wish I had my own top of the line PC Desktop, but that won't be for a while. -_- Can't wait to see some demos though.
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  • captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
    Well the free demo is out on STEAM, and after playing the pc version demo, makes me wonder why they ever bothered with a console version since it struggled to run on the 360 and only barely held decent frames on the ps3.

    Looks drop dead gorgeous at 2560x1600 and MSAA, smooth as butter over 100fps, no issues whatsoever. Definetely a game you want to play with a controller, but the PC controls aren't too shabby. Speaking of controllers, im using my xbox 360 wireless controller, and it runs smoother and more responsive than the console versions ever did.

    I'd recommend grabbing the demo... you can now preorder the ultimate edition for $26 bucks too. Not bad for a game with 40+ hours of epic singleplayer. I think the sequel comes out for all systems here in a couple months, too.
  • WalkyWalky Posts: 357
    Brain Burst
    Tried the demo yesterday and was surprised at how nicely it runs with my below-average GT240. The keyboard controls are quite unusual but work.
  • captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
    The speed of the control interaction and gameplay style really requires a gamepad. I can't imagine having to use the keyboard and mouse of this type of game, would just feel akward for long periods of time. Though its not a fighting game per se, its mechanics work a lot like, say... Mortal Kombat, for fighting. Keyboard and mouse just not the thing for it.

    My only problem with the demo was they completely showed off the most boring part of the game... some of the intro sequeneces. Gives you maybe a 2% feeling of everything you get to see and do throughout the game.
  • WalkyWalky Posts: 357
    Brain Burst
    I didn't even bother moving the mouse, I just used the keyboard over the whole demo. :lol:

    I agree that the level was pretty boring, I was expecting a little climbing at least (assuming the game actually has something like that).
  • captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
    Yeah its pretty much uncharted/skyrim/mortal kombat/tomb raider/force unleashed/shadows of colossus/god of war/Nightmare Creatures/DND/Neverwinter all tossed into one bag

    I think in the singleplayer back when it came out, I put about 40 to 60 hours through the singleplay story upon completion. It really goes on and on, but its not a boring on and on... gets better and better as it goes. Apparently Konami has never heard of DLC... they pretty much gave you $200 worth of game on a single title.
  • And thats why I hate the creation of the DLC model. It has encouraged lazy game development (I feel) by some, because they know they can release more content in a DLC (and charge for it). I'm finding games to be much shorter and less fleshed out, with DLCs being released to fill in the holes. With that said, I've finally gotten around to playing LoS on PS3 and am enjoying it. :)
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