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Gear VR and Head Tracking

AlbyDj90AlbyDj90 Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in Samsung Gear VR
Hi to evertone! I'm from italy, so sorry for my ugly English.
I thought since the Gear VR was presented: why not head tracking is implemented through a QR CODE printed and put in front of the device? the camera should be available even if placed inside the device, right? This can be a simple a way for introducing this feature (obviously... If the camera is good enough). What do you think?


  • edepotedepot Posts: 16
    I think this is a great idea. But you would need 6 stickers (top bottom left right front back) so you can turn around 360 degrees or any which way and still be 1 to 1 tracked in VR. Also, since the camera is not that powerful at long distance, maybe just a few big sticker dots of a specific color on ceiling, ground and the other 4 directions stuck on walls or furniture.

    It would probably rival the current Oculus PC setup where the camera is stationary next to the computer (limiting your movement space). Big dots spread out in a room allows you to roam in 3D without being limited to a small area next to the camera.
  • This sounds like a good idea, however unlike the PC version, if it looses sight of the headset (just like how the Positional tracker would loose sight of the headset) it would reset and be very ugly. But if it didn't do that it would be nice
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