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Using GearVR as the dk2 and more...

aminemoaminemo Posts: 353
edited October 2014 in Samsung Gear VR
I want to know if the gear vr or the galaxy note exactly support video input from the computer.
I know it does remotely with a streaming app but it could be great to acquire the hdmi pc output.
It would be great if gear VR could work as a universal home display using the galaxy note for watching tv navigating internet playing pc games.
The advantage is you could play your pc and console games anywhere at home.
Even if it is not stereoscopic we could take avantage of the giant virtual screen.
If it does I am sure it will be a complete success.
one more thing onlive could stream your favorite games in 3d....!


  • JotokutoraJotokutora Posts: 204
    Hiro Protagonist
    This sounds great, but I highly doubt it.
  • jngdwejngdwe Posts: 566
    Don't even consider trying to use OnLive for VR. The delay in streaming services makes it entirely impossible. It would make you hurl in about 10 seconds.
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