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Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer Cinema- Latest Update 0.415

MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
Hiro Protagonist
edited October 2015 in Showcase
Development Update
Happy New Year! Riftmax development is in full gear and new updates and fun events like karaoke will resume soon! You can look forward to some really fun things soon to come in Riftmax. The next update should be before the end of the month and include improvements and new features, including new stage, theater, environment, object and 4d editing tools. Stay tuned!

Latest Update

This update is required for network play.

Latest Update 11/27(Ver. 0.415/ Required)- This update further optimizes player avatars and adds the new set for the Virtual Reality Awards event (exclusive for now). Don't miss the VRAs this Friday 11/29 at 4:30pm pacific also streaming on

Changes in 0.415 include:

- Avatar and set optimizations
- Incorporated set for VRA Awards Event

All the preferences were reset in 0.400 so the VR Fest 2014 avatar T-shirts are again being given out to everyone who plays for a limited time. Hopefully that's the last time everything has to be reset.

New features including themed theaters, stage designer and more are on the way soon!

See you in the theater!


Download link to latest Windows (7z Archive) (Version 0.415 - 11/27/2014):

Download link to latest Riftmax 4D Effects Sequencer (Windows):

(PC Users need a 32-bit codec pack, Quicktime 7+ and Adobe Flash Player for "Other Browsers"installed. Run game with admin rights.)

Download link to latest Mac version(Version 0.415 - 11/27/2014):

Download link to latest Riftmax 4D Effects Sequencer (Mac):

Official Website (Under Construction):

-You can use to download or get a temporary mp4 shortcut for sharing online videos.

- Freemake Video Converter is a great way to convert your own media to mp4 for Riftmax, (<720p),

-MP4 Fast Start should be applied to media before using them as URL videos for them to stream quickly!

-Mediafire is a great way to store your media for direct access via URL. is a large collection of public domain videos that will work directly in Riftmax as URL-based videos.(No 3D)

Recent Updates
(Updates normally happen once a week, these are some notable recent updates)

Previous Update 11/14(Ver. 0.411/ Required)- This update incorporates the new SDK, a fix for the local video loading and more improvements. It is available via a 265mb patch for Windows users, or a full download here or at

Changes in 0.411 include:

- Added New Oculus SDK
- Fixed Local Video Browser
- Avatar/ tracker reset is more accurate
- Added new camera and changes to FEEDBACK/ Talk Show 2 set

0.410 Changes (11/7)

- Added New Oculus SDK version 0.4.3
- Fixed XBox Joystick Support
- Avatar Reset is now always a complete tracker reset
- Added new stage set and show (exclusive/ Feedback with Rev Kyle)
- Fixed issue with pasting video URLs
- Added DJ Booth Effects Controls to Nightclub
- Fixed Lighting / Volume Sync on Remote Servers
- Various Bug Fixes

Windows Patch 10/9(Ver. 0.402) This update for the Windows version fixes the slow game loading as well as the dark screen bug that was affecting those that use the -force-d3d11 switch. It is available as a 40MB patch for 0.401 users or as a full download here and at

Recent Update 10/8(Ver. 0.401)- This update adds plenty of fixes from version 0.400 and also adds positional re-centering if you hold "R" for three seconds. This update is mainly for functionality and further stabilizing things but some new and fun features will be on the way soon. Thanks for playing and see you in the theater!

Changes in 0.401 include:

- Added full Oculus tracker recenter by holding "R"
- Simplified DK2 Avatar positioning and reset
- Corrected idle facial animations when in view of player
- Selected menu items are now highlighted and easier to read
- Introduced AutoUpdate system for subsequent updates
- Added auto-reload for URL Videos that load blank
- Increased optimization of lobby

Recent Update 9/28(Ver. 0.400)-

- Introduced new "Lobby" room type
- Major core performance improvements
- Optimized network/level join with text notifications
- Optimized and improved player avatars
- Redesigned levels and resources to allow for much smaller in-game updates
- Introduced "Air Drawing/Effects" Hydra-only feature in areas of lobby
- Introduced remote controlled cpu-only dedicated server capability (official/testing only)
- Added new options sub-menu to main menu
- Added Time Warp Toggle/ Fixed V-Sync Toggle
- Added new "Immersion Mode" with unique preferences for full immersion
- Upgraded/Fine Tuned Hydra/DK2 motion controls
- Fixed Kick/Ban Notification
- Fixed 3d voice rolloff
- Fixed video sound levels outside theater
- Increased brightness of theater screens
- Many bug fixes including memory leak related to video playing

Recent Update 8/21(Ver. 0.323)-

- DK2-Ready stability increased
- Increased max servers from 12 to 24
- Upgraded/Fine Tuned Hydra/DK2 motion controls
- Added Kick/Ban Player Option to Server Controls (IP-based, per session)
- Added V-Sync Toggle to F1 Menu
- Fixed voice modes inside and outside the theater
- Increased control over theater capacity options
- Preparations made for Live Lobby/ KickStarter build

Previous Update 8/14(Ver. 0.321)- Thanks to everyone for the help testing the preview DK2 version of Riftmax. There is still a lot to be fixed and tweaked, but things should start to get more stable as we go. If you're still getting the black screen/crash please let us know, some have found luck in adding the -force-d3d11 switch to the game shortcut. The combined Hydra/ positional tracking is still a work in progress. This version fixes many bugs that came up during 0.320, though some will still be there and your feedback is appreciated as always! Don't miss karaoke Thursday at 5:00pm Pacific, it should be a packed house and a lot of fun!

Previous Update 6/30(Ver. 0.313/ Required)- Performance and Fixes - Performance has been overhauled in the game and this update will be the highest performing version of Riftmax yet. 3D sound is now enabled outside the theater (once you reach the hallway) and no longer will the stage be heard over the loudspeaker outside the bounds of the theater unless forced by the server. Many bug fixes also went into this update, including those introduced in the recent update and the ad that was displayed at times during live streams. The new Oculus SDK will most likely be integrated into the next update, although testing might be needed before Riftmax is 100% compatible with DK2. The 4D Effect Sequencer will be upgraded for its next version, for now we are still on version 1.0. Look for great new features as well as the official Riftmax Theater Kickstarter campaign announcement soon, and thanks for playing!

- Significant performance enhancement!
- 3D sound fixed outside the theater
- Removed random ad from live streams
- Many bug fixes, preparation for new SDK (DK2)

Previous Update 6/17(Ver. 0.305)- Riftmax 4D Video Effects Sequencer- Riftmax started with the idea of adding a new dimension to traditional media consumption, and this update introduces (in early beta form) one of the tools that will allow people to add that dimension to their own chosen videos. Riftmax 4D Video Effects Sequencer, or "R4VES" for short, is a separate 2D based program that allows you to add precise effects at specific times during a video, and then save the sequence for automatic loading within Riftmax Theater. A video tutorial/document will be available shortly as well to help get started. This is an early release, so keep in mind there is a small chance that 4d videos made in this release might not be compatible with videos in future versions of the game/editor. If you are trying out the editor, please give feedback! There will be many more effects to choose from soon, along with user object, texture, audio imports and more!

- Introduced Riftmax 4D Video Effects Sequencer v 1.0
- Added compatibility for and live streams
- Fixed issue with adult streams being blocked
- Increased maximum resolution for all live streams

Previous Update 6/10(Ver. 0.304)- Live Streams Beta - This update introduces Twitch and Youtube live streams for most of the theaters (not Small or Player theater yet). The streams work on the main screen, but are currently disabled while the screen is lifted and the stage is active. Hitbox support will come soon, but it is currently not working. The first version of the 4D Movie Maker should be ready by the end of the week! Join each other in Riftmax Theater this week for live E3 streams!

Previous Update 5/29(Ver. 0.302)- Playlist Editor- Another new feature is introduced in this update, "MyPlaylists" allows you to create up to 10 separate video lists all with up to 10 videos in each. Just run the new external application Playlist_Editor to manage, import, or create new playlists. This feature is not currently supported on Mac, but a big feature that will be ready very soon will be available on both Mac and PC. Many optimizations and fixes were also made in this build and the focus on performance will continue.

Previous Update Update 5/19(Ver. 0.2999)- Theater renovation update
- The classic theaters have been renovated and updated for performance as well as graphics.
- Stage features now work with all theaters except the Small and Blackout theaters.
- Most of the recent bugs have been fixed.
- There is now a new stage configuration for the stand-up comedy show which starts this week (tentatively Wednesday).

Previous Update 4/13(Ver. 0.298/ Required)Unique Posters Update- This update enables a unique poster for your theater that can be seen in the theater hallway to all the other theaters. The picture must be jpg or png and on a publicly accessible URL. For now it also replaces the painting in the active theater's hallway. Soon a unique poster/ painting can be chosen for the inner hallway. Also added a new talk show set to be currently used for Gunter's talk show that will be live tonight at 7pm pacific. More features and improvements are on the way this week!

Previous Update 4/10(Ver. 0.297)Karaoke Night update - Added 20 new avatar heads and many new game elements are nearly finalized. This build will help test stability of some new features even though they won't be available in the game for most likely another couple of days. There are a lot of improvements planned for this coming week as we get ready for the gala! This weekend may have some new feature updates as well.

Previous Update 4/5(Ver. 0.296)Featured Videos- April is the month for big Riftmax updates! The web integration beta update is on the way but needs more time, in today's update we are trying out a new section called Featured Videos. Essentially there are now several categories of archived videos that are ready to play and share in the theaters. Until there is a proper database, the hit counters will basically say which videos are more "liked" than others, but the videos will be hand selected based on entertainment/ 3d eye-candy value, etc. For now if you would like to add something to featured videos, please send a link via for approval. Videos will be added and taken away based on interest, but there are many videos per section so it will be a while before anything is removed. Don't expect a lot of moderation or dramatic changes to these sections, they are really there to test and to make sure everyone has something to see in Riftmax like a demo.

- Added Featured Videos section
- Added Sync reminder for when server first enters theater
- GUI/ bug fixes

A big game update should be available very soon with the new web beta (live stream/ youtube/ flash games/ etc.) functionality. Another priority for the next update may be, what are those things called? Oh yeah, arms. Also working on a new 4D video which is longer/ etc. Stay Tuned!

Previous Update 3/8(Ver. 0.290)This update makes the chat function a lot less invasive and fixes many bugs including the talking animation and others. A lot of work this week went into preparing the Regale Theater for the new Riftmax Live show and the gala, but plenty of feature updates are in progress for the coming weeks.

- Fixed chat GUI
- Fixed talking animations
- More bug fixes
- Update is required

Previous Update 3/1(Ver. 0.289)This update adds plenty of fixes, more emotions, and new restrooms located next to Theater 5!

-The new restrooms are in the main hallway. New features will be added to the restrooms soon.
-Players can now suggest new URLs to the server even when sync is enabled or forced.
-The new shocked expression is now available by clicking Left Hydra "1", Right Ctrl, or down arrow on Xbox controller.
-The volume no longer reset when a new video starts.
-More bug fixes

Previous Update 2/21(Ver. 0.288/Required) I'm very happy to present this update as it should be the biggest enhancement yet to the core performance of Riftmax Theater. The goal all along has been to have a 60+ FPS theater experience even when playing with others, and while this update has not been fully stress tested yet, it should bring us closer to that goal.
- Core performance enhancement
- The head and hand movement should be much more lifelike
- Several bugs fixed
- You can now smile using Right-Alt, Xbox right bumper, or Left Hydra "4".
- Fixed an issue with other players sitting/ standing status and head movement on player start.

Development Update

Here's a few goals for Riftmax Theater:
- "Riftmax Recorder" record your live stage action (plays, comedy, etc) and play it back for others as if it were happening live in your theater!
- New themed theater types and viewing environments
- Unique "Theater Designer" and Props/Stage Set designer system including object imports.
- Webcam streaming/ chat across the internet from server to others, others to server, etc.
- Subtitles/Multiple Audio Track support, and other feature additions.

Let everyone know what you would like to see in future updates by asking here!

If something's not working right, first check to make sure you're on the latest version.


RiftMax Theater is a giant multiplayer Imax-style theater that plays your own 2D and 3D video files. It currently works with most file types in 2D and 3D SBS or top/bottom, or single or dual (3D) webcams.

One of the main goals of RiftMax theater is to provide a one-of-a-kind movie watching experience inside the Rift, combining traditional 2D and 3D media watching with "4D" theater experiences beyond those you see at amusement parks and other places that use rain/snow/fog effects inside the movie. In Rift-Land as you might expect these experiences can be taken to any level imaginable. I plan on adding more of these 4D experiences to this game in future updates. You will either have to provide the specific movie for those or it will just be movie trailers or free to use 3d films.

When I first heard of the Rift, this is the first virtual world/ meeting area that popped in my head that would be really cool to hang out in, and I'm sure you will find it a great place to spend some virtual time with fellow Rifters.

Some features of the new RiftMax Theater:

Up to 33 65 players per theater
Full avatar presence/ bodies
Realistic avatar head movements
Integrated 3D/2D voice coms and chat
Integrated File Browser with optional Root folder quick-slots
Direct Internet URL streaming (Quicktime compatible only) Update your Quicktime even if you already have it!
Host Sync option for video synchronization across network
Real cinema seating/ Lighting
4D Experience(s)
Increased video-type compatibility (new Quicktime failover)
Corrected scale and physics

and of course...
Full realistic Razer Hydra hand-integration
Outer theater lounge area
Laser Pointers (disable-able)
Volleyballs and bouncyballs to pick up and throw at eachother
On demand drinks
and much more!

To anyone following this game and interested in seeing where it's going, please reply to this forum and let me know what you would like to see in future updates! Running your own theater is proving to be a lot of fun, and many features will continue to be focused on the server, or theater host, and their decisions on what features they want to add to their theater. Many of these features are already starting to take shape. Thank you for supporting the project!

- Mike Armstrong, Riftmax Theater Lead Developer

Check out this awesome promo video made by Joe aka mcjr91 ! Thanks Joe!
Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)


  • IGameArtIGameArt Posts: 89
    Hiro Protagonist
    The link appears to be dead. Aside from that, it sounds interesting.
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    Try it now, I was uploading the file again.
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • SteelClawzSteelClawz Posts: 110
    Tried it this morning, very cool experience, mkv worked great and im looking forward to the 4d snow, fire, even a plane come crashing through the scene into the theater as i enjoy a movie about a plane about to crash

    lol ... amazing stuff on the horizon

  • CaineCaine Posts: 208
    Good stuff, looking forward to seeing more.
  • steevesteeve Posts: 41
    Brain Burst
    The link is dead
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited June 2013
    The link is back now. I got a chance to test this last night with my friend (Steelclawz) on his rift. The menus should be fixed and now the hands disappear if you choose to just play with keyboard and mouse. We noticed that the headtracking "skippiness" gets a little worse with the weight of the movie you're playing, i.e. 11gb mkv's made it a little skippy but a 700mb mpg we renamed to avi didn't show any headtracking change at all. Not sure if that's just the machine we were running it on. The lighting and look of the standard theater needs a lot of work, so working on that as well as the 4d theaters. Also putting a lobby and concession stand In, so it seems more like a real theater.

    Also, just added the option to watch your own single or 3d (dual) webcams in the theater.
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • WatercycleWatercycle Posts: 20
    Can't help but comment, in movie theater's you tend to become so focused on the movie that it disconnects you. Does the Rift reproduce that same cinema feeling? Seems like one of those VR applications that could make the experience a little more tangible.
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    Despite the low resolution, i end up getting almost the same feeling as when i go to the real theater when i go to the virtual theater. Just as in the real life theater, the amount of disconnection with your surroundings depends on the content you're watching on the screen. It helps to"pretend" you're in a real life theater, of course.
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • Despite the low resolution, this is a great start to building the concept of a virtual cinema, definitely with a Rift, focusing on a movie allows you to more easily believe you are in a real theatre, which is great. I cannot wait to test this on the 1080p+ rift, with updated textures.
  • KingK76KingK76 Posts: 257
    edited June 2013
    I can't get this to play my Wreck it Ralph 3Dsbs .mkv file. Is there some limitations to it? Just tried Avengers 2d .mkv and nothing with that either. I am re-naming them to movie.mkv and when you enter the theater the screen is just white. I have tried all the options for movie type and none seem to work. The other VR cinema works just fine (just not with .mkv) so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    edit: Okay, I can get .avi files to work but so far no luck with .mkv files. I have no problem viewing these files in other video viewing programs so I don't know why it isn't working.

    update: all is well. .mkv are working. I guess there was an issue with the files I was using at first.
  • SteelClawzSteelClawz Posts: 110
    where are you placing the mkv files?

    they should be in the same folder as the theaters exe
  • lilwolflilwolf Posts: 59
    Hiro Protagonist
    lol - for total immersion, I'll be able to tape they hydra to my cup! Cool! Just hope the straw doesn't move over, and I poke the straw up my nose trying to get a drink! make sure the calibration is perfect!
  • rorsterrorster Posts: 12
    hows about xbox controller as well as hydra ?
    doesn't play movie for me just white movie screen can theatre and seats though :D
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    Good idea, I'll definitely enable the xbox controller soon. Some of my MKV's don't work either, it is going to be hit or miss. It could be your codec though, make sure you have at least a codec pack like K-lite or Shark007 with Haali's media splitter codec installed on your machine.
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • rorsterrorster Posts: 12
    Thanks got it working with the codec pack you suggested .I have a hydra but don't use it much you end up with far too many wires all over the place so xbox control would be far better and more useable for those that do not have hydra :D

    it may be a good idea to dim the lights when the movie starts like the other cinema demo and a quick change of seating menu again like the other demo would be easier than having to get up and move around .

    what is the server connection function going to do ?

    Don't know if you have heard of or use xbmc ( if not check it out you wont be disappointed ) I know it would be a lot of work but having xbmc run on the screen and being able to stream any movie or tv show ever made would be rather awesome ,just a thought :)
  • SteelClawzSteelClawz Posts: 110
    it allows you and friends to join the server and enjoy the movie at the same time. It needs testing for lag and stuff, but that's how its going to work.
  • museumstevemuseumsteve Posts: 443
    Can someone help with playing a WMV in this? I get a white screen the same as in vrcinema app.
    I have tried installing k-lite and cccp but dont really know what else to do.
    I used a digital copy from a bluray tyriple pack so it's ripped as a WMV to my PC. I dont download movies so I have no way to get avi's etc
  • SteelClawzSteelClawz Posts: 110
    are u changing everything?

    you have to change the wmv to avi

    if u didnt know

    u also have to make the computer show you the .wmv and have the power to change it

    it shouldnt look like movie.wmv.avi

    it should look like movie.avi
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    FYI, I've started a permanent server (for now) so everyone can join in one RiftMax cinema and hang out. I also added the WMV and MPG video types to go with the MKV and AVI. Just hit "connect" on the game in progress to join my server.
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • KingK76KingK76 Posts: 257
    Is there any way to turn the lights (brightness) down in the theater? Not the screen, just the auditorium lights. Like they do when you go to the Movies and the movie starts. They dim the lights. It's just that it feels like the lights are on full while you're watching the movie. I think that would be a good feature to have for this great VR cinema!
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hi KingK, Yeah, I definitely plan on fixing the lighting in the next update, as well as animating the players and making them look more human. If you or anyone else has any suggestions or ideas please let me know.
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • museumstevemuseumsteve Posts: 443
    SteelClawz wrote:
    are u changing everything?

    you have to change the wmv to avi

    if u didnt know

    u also have to make the computer show you the .wmv and have the power to change it

    it shouldn't look like movie.wmv.avi

    it should look like movie.avi

    Thanks for the reply..I'll have another look tonight. I grabbed k lite and cccp, do I need to configure anything in them :s
  • geekmastergeekmaster Posts: 2,866
    Nexus 6
    I posted this to another thread, but it may be useful here to:
    geekmaster wrote:
    edulinares wrote:
    ... Does it support mkv yet?
    It plays my SBS MKV files just fine, after I rename them to movie.avi. I have the K-Lite and CCCP codec packs installed.

    K-Lite codec pack:
    CCCP codec pack:

    Rather than leaving multiple copies of huge movie files laying around, I just place hardlinks to them in my vrcinema3D folder, and then hardlink the one I want to play to "movie.avi". There is no problem hardlinking "This is my movie.MKV" to "movie.avi".

    I use this (awesome) hardlink shell extension for Windows:

    Hardlinks allow you to create collections, keeping (zero-space) copies of your movies in folders for each category they fit into. The only caveat is that hardlinks cannot span disk volumes, and do not support FAT partitions.

    Hardlinks are great for solving the "all movies must be movie.avi" problem you have to deal with when using this media player.
  • LuckyLuLuckyLu Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Very nice start. Found it playing around the area more fun than watching movies tho :)
    Things that need taken care off:
    - Scale of hands is way off, they feel like 1m large.
    - There are stutters at regular intervals when connected to server.
    - chat message pop up notify or some kind of in game 3d space window for it.
    - Needs chromatic aberration correction enabled. Should be easy fix.
    - NEEDS magnetic calibration or some kind of position reset.
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yeah, I think I just saw you in there, that was fun. FYI some of the spheres are owned by different network players, so some you can grab and some you can't. My goal is to transfer network control to you immediately when you touch them, but I haven't gotten very far with that. Also, If you approach the ball that you own with a closed fist you can do a volleyball type hit on it.
    I'm working on an update today,
    -Fixing the lighting among other things.
    -Trying to reduce the size of the hands. They are a prefab from Sixense, so I've had some trouble.
    -When you say stutters, do you mean the objects? The ones owned by a different player will stutter. If not, I have not experienced stuttering with others.
    -There is already a chat function but now it will be accessible from the main menu.
    -I'm also going to add the correction and the calibration, the calibration is a big problem right now.
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • LuckyLuLuckyLu Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Stutters as in screen freezes for a second, seems to be network related.

    Figured the object ownership, another's player object is having its physics calculated on his own client i think, so it can be seen its not as fluent of a movement.

    By the way, i played around a bit with the sixsense hands prefabs and they are by default the right size in SI units. Is your whole environment scaled down?

    Adding voice comms with localized source would be great too.
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    Can you help with enabling chromatic aberration correction?
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
  • LuckyLuLuckyLu Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Click on OVRCameraController and on right side, in inspector, there are a few options like Prediction lens correction and chromatic.
    Have all those three checked.
  • usb420usb420 Posts: 291
    Hiro Protagonist
    his sounds pretty cool . interested in checking out the multiplayer
  • MikeArms24MikeArms24 Posts: 519
    Hiro Protagonist
    Just posted a new update. Changes: the lights go on and off in the theater depending on if there is a movie active. The player sits down if they are in the seat. The scale of the player has been corrected, chat function enabled from menu, chromatic correction, magnetic calibration (please test if you have a Rift). Various other things. I'll have my server up if you want to jump into multiplayer in case others are playing. (Only those with the latest update will be able to play with eachother). Thanks
    Riftmax Theater 4D Multiplayer VR Cinema! - Latest DK2-ready version 0.415(11/27/2014)
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