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Living Room VR Tech Demo

AldinAldin Posts: 31
Brain Burst
edited January 2015 in Games and Apps
Hey everyone!

In spirit of the season we put together a new DK2 tech demo titled “Living Room”. It’s a little environment demo containing a number of unique-to-VR features developed for in-house purposes and was not initally intended for public release, but we think some people may enjoy it so here it is!

The demo is a showcase of how perspective and scale dramatically alters user perception of environments and atmosphere (regular perspective, a tiny fly, or a giant bird’s eye view). There’s a heap of custom controls that can be played around with, such as changing time speed and image effects. Be aware that certain settings can cause discomfort, so please use with caution! If you want to add your own music to the scene there’s an audio player included in the room (old radio). Just place tracks (WAV or OGG file formats) in the folder “/Music” — then use the left/right arrow keys to change tracks.

Download LINK: (Windows)

Powered by Unity 5 (Beta 15) and Oculus SDK 0.4.4, the demo should run at a stable 75 fps on modest PC specs (Tested on an AMD R9 200 series and Nvidia 770).

We really look forward to the new year when we can soon reveal what we’ve been working on for the past year.

Happy holidays everyone!
- Aldin team



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