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[Platform] Education Simulations & Games in Virtual Reality

bodekaerbodekaer Posts: 4
edited January 2015 in Showcase
Happy New Years everyone!

Here is an inside look at our brand new education simulation platform for Oculus Rift DK2 and Unity3D.
It's such an amazing experience to take several years of our work (we have 40+ hours of education simulations & games) and make them work seamlessly in Oculus Rift DK2.

You can now see our first public demo here:

Making it work was not a simple task. We struggled a lot with motion sickness for the students (and my girlfriend had to go through quite some motion sickness induced headaches to help us get to this final solution - I could not have done it without her :)
Finding a good way to solve the challenges of a great VR user experience, such as movement, cursor focus, reading inside VR etc. took several weeks of experimentations.

We now have a really solid and stable version, that no longer causes any motion sickness for the students, which is really a major achievement for us.
It means that student can comfortably spend several hours inside the VR world in an accelerated learning environment.
And it all integrates with our LMS (learning management system) so teachers can follow the students as they go through the VR experience (we're even working on a solution, where the teachers can "teleport" into the student's lab and help them when they need it).

Join us
We are right now looking for more highly skilled C# developers who wants to join us in revolutionizing education with VR.
You can work remotely too. See more here:


This Unity3D C# platform we've built, allows you to easily create simulations like the above as well.
It's a simple XML file, where you define the equipment and learning outcomes you want in the simulations.
You can also easily create Unity3D asset bundles to change the environment to e.g. a Kitchen to teach cooking, or many other types of environments.
Read a bit more here:

Hope this got your interest.
Really looking forward to hear what you think and whether you have ideas on how we can improve this incredibly immersive new VR education experience.

All the best,
Michael Bodekaer
Founder and CTO, Labster (


  • bodekaerbodekaer Posts: 4
    Btw. notice in the demo that I don't use any keyboard or hand controllers.
    We did a lot of experimentation with users and students through different focus groups, and it simply turns out that it's way too complicated and stressful for the users when you introduce too many new elements to them.

    Since we aim to bring this out to the masses, we also want the non-gamers to be able to easily go into the VR experiences and use them seamlessly.
    By using a virtual mouse cursor, and no new hand controllers, all the students felt very comfortable and had no problems adapting to the VR learning experience.

    As soon as we introduced either the keyboard or LEAP motion hand tracking, many students/users got over heated and stressed (literally their heads turned red and started sweating in many cases).

    So a big learning here is that if we want to make VR available to the masses, we need to make the transition to VR as seamless as possible and think carefully about what causes stress to the users.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Very cool. Nice job.
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  • SarahBrunningSarahBrunning Posts: 2
    What an exciting technology. I am so glad that such technologies for students are developing and thriving right now. When I was studying in college a few years ago, the technology was not so advanced. I think that most likely, this project is aimed for tech students that need more practice in their studies, and this application can help them with that. I saw that you could also study textbooks or chapters of encyclopedias, which is also very cool, especially for liberal arts students. This project sparked my interest since I was a student of the journalism faculty. During my studies at college, I wrote a lot of various essays and articles and often was bad at them. Sometimes, for my exams, I used service Paperial which is engaged in writing college papers. I think that it would be interesting to develop an app or incorporate a particular function in your project that would help students write college papers. This function would highlight errors in the structure of the article and its logic. But what you are already doing is very cool, and I think it will help many students in their studies. Congratulations on your achievement. Good job, you guys!
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