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TxK VR Demo Download

oxox Posts: 68
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This is a noncommercial Oculus demo of the enhanced PC port of our Playstation Vita game TxK.


Download it from this link: http://minotaurproject.co.uk/Various/TxKVRDemo.zip

The demo comprises the first 18 levels of the game. The full version of the game contains 100 levels and a wide variety of enemy and surface types.

Requirements are: a dk2, an Xbox 360 controller (or compatible), and a PC capable of running it smoothly (shouldn't be too much of a burden, for VR this is pretty light stuff). You can launch it in direct mode, no need to faff about with extending the desktop.

It can just about be run on a dk1 too, although it'll be a bit slower and the rez will hurt your eyes. See readme for details.

The controls are:

- Left analog stick left/right: moves player entity along edge of surface.
- A button: press to select in UI, hold down for continuous firing in gameplay.
- B button: press to go back in UI, press for Supertapper (Smart Bomb) in gameplay.
- Right Bumper: once "JUMP ENABLED" by collecting Powerups, causes the player entity to leap up above the edge of the surface.
- START button: in gameplay, pauses the game. Press again to unpause, or press BACK whilke paused to exit to title screen.
- D pad: select start level in Level Select screen, Left/Right steps one level at a time, Up/Down steps 8 at a time (up to furthest unlocked level, level 18 in this demo).
If you start on levels 1-4 you'll begin with three lives. Initially starting higher than that will start you with 0 spare lives, but as you play you'll start to carry over starting lives (and larger start bonuses) via Restart Best. We recommend always starting from level 1 while you get used to how the game works.

The gameplay:

TxK is a simple tunnel shooter at heart, but with subtle complexities that allow for rich and rewarding gameplay.

"You" are a yellow crablike entity. You walk (and sometimes jump) along the top edge of a geometric surface floating in space. Enemies swarm in and arrive at the bottom edge of the surface and climb up towards the top edge. You try to shoot them before they arrive there. If they arrive at the top they will walk along the top edge and try to "catch" you.
If they catch you then they will drag you away to a fate worse than death!
Some enemies fire shots that can smash you. Occasionally shot enemies will release "Powerups". You should grab these as they will sequentially upgrade your shot power, allow you to jump above the edge of the surface (useful to rain shots down upon enemies that have reached the top edge, and to gain a wider view of especially large surfaces), and even give you an indestructible "AI Droid" who battles the baddies alongside you.
Clearing all the enemies on a level causes the surface to smash and you will zoom off to the next level. During the zoom you can use the left stick or head look to try to steer your soul-spark through the middle of the portal rings for maximum bonus.

Gameplay tips:

- Try to shoot baddies before they reach the top edge.
- If they do get to the top, don't despair. If you have Jump Enabled by collecting powerups, use Right Bumper to Jump above the edge and rain shots down upon the encroaching enemies.
- Even if you do not yet have Jump Enabled, you are not defenceless. Your shots emerge from whichever of your "arms" is pointing in the direction you are moving. If you move slowly and carefully *towards* an enemy on the top edge, you will usually shoot it before it can catch you.
- You can also move straight through the enemy types that "walk" by flipping end over end, if you do it while they are in the act of flipping, although this is an escape of last resort.
- If you do get caught, you can press B on the controller, which unleashes the Supertapper Smart Bomb. This will destroy all enemies on the surface and release you from capture. You can use the Supertapper once per surface.
- Try to always collect the powerups. They improve your firepower, give you extra bonuses and weapons, and if you collect enough may grant you access to one of the game's Bonus Rounds.
- Try pressing START to pause the game during gameplay, then use the analog sticks on the controller to move around inside the game's space and take a closeup look at the enemies, shots and explosions frozen in time.

The last two levels introduce a new enemy type with a special attack. In the complete game there are 100 levels filled with an extensive bestiary of enemies with all kinds of attacks - some even modify the geometry of the surface itself. Learning their ways and fighting to the last level is a fun and challenging journey.

Have fun, and we welcome any feedback you may have; like everyone else we're learning our way in VR as we go along so we're keen to hear what people think of what we've done so far (and of course we'd like to hear of any bugs and issues that people have). We're particularly interested in bringing a classic game design aesthetic to VR gaming. There are already VR apps to put you in a classic game arcade. We want to take you inside the games themselves!

The full version of the game is complete but not inviolable if we find that there are things people aren't liking in this demo version. The full version can also be played outside of VR on a conventional PC screen, and will be released when we find a decent way of doing so.


  • MR-VR_SamMR-VR_Sam Posts: 104
    OMG amazing, thank you! Love this game on my Vita and in VR it's ace!

    Will post more feedback as I play more (just had a quick go at work before the weekend, no immediate issues found) No positional tracking or camera reset as far as I can tell?
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  • nickpittomnickpittom Posts: 114
    Hiro Protagonist
    Wow, this is awesome and very generous - downloading now!
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Insane! I can't wait to try it, downloading now.
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  • TheSonicRetardTheSonicRetard Posts: 7
    I can't express in words how much this release makes my day. Enormous tempest fan here, I even built a rotary controller for my jag to play it properly.
  • Paul33993Paul33993 Posts: 406
    OMG! Absolutely brilliant. It's Tempest 2000 in VR.

    Completely off-topic, but you did mention distribution in the OP. I really hope it comes to Steam day one. Maybe it's disappointed in the past, but none of the previous games have gotten a day one release on Steam. Plus, none of them have been very accessible. This is Tempest 2000 accessible. I think a day one release on Steam would gather real buzz. But, you gotta do what you believe is best. I get that.

    Also, assuming the OP is either Yak, or Yak gets to reading this, it really would be awesome if you could include mouse controls into future releases. I think a lot of old timers have intentionally bought arcade spinners mainly to play Tempest at home. So it would be beautiful to play more modern Yak creations with spinner controls.

    Regardless of points 2 and 3, will day one the official release. Cause it's brilliant.

    EDIT: Let me just say, I couldn't camera reset either. Read it was the R button, but didn't seem to work. At the end of each round, when flying through the tunnels, I was offset way to the left of that.
  • snappaheadsnappahead Posts: 2,302
    Just played it and it's pretty awesome. It's a nice change of pace and sort of trippy. I digs!
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  • oxox Posts: 68
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    Glad people are enjoying it :). We'll look into the camera reset issue, could be we're not correctly allowing for where you are in relation to the 'webcam'. I'm always sat directly opposite mine when testing so I might have missed that. Thanks for feedback :).
  • Paul33993Paul33993 Posts: 406
    ox wrote:
    Glad people are enjoying it :). We'll look into the camera reset issue, could be we're not correctly allowing for where you are in relation to the 'webcam'. I'm always sat directly opposite mine when testing so I might have missed that. Thanks for feedback :).

    Played it again and got to the final demo level. I misspoke earlier. I'm centered to the right of things (that seem like I should be flying though). Not sure if you're supposed to be flying through these things, but I assume so?

    Even went into the Oculus "Desktop" demo and centered my Rift there. That's the default parameter that games will pull from. So I was dead center in there and then dead center in front of the camera in the game. It helped a TINY bit, but I was still significantly off center when doing flying outside of levels.

    Ultimate zen game BTW. This is definitely going to replace Tempest 2K as my favorite tube shooter. And Tempest 2K is one of my favorite games of all-time. So this is not light praise. Outstanding!
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    This is the best thing ever.
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  • PeteoPeteo Posts: 262
    Wow that was great. Perfect blend of Retroness and Newness (VR)
    Love the shout outs to the Demo scene, Great work!
  • JCatJCat Posts: 132
    Love Minter since the 8-bit computer days! This on the Rift is pure magic! Super playable, gorgeous and no VR sickness. Wonder if this will also hit the Gear VR seeing that Minter's other game (Minotaur Rescue) is already on there.
  • oAmadeusooAmadeuso Posts: 101
    Love it, took me right back to the 90's.

    Can we have more please?
  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 3,812 Valuable Player
    Wow! Is this getting a commercial launch?

    This is perfect for dk2 res / SDE is a non issue.

    These are the sort of games that there must surely be a market for google cardboard and gear vr too.
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  • shanedlmshanedlm Posts: 77
    Hiro Protagonist
    Amazing!!! Have been playing this off and on all night. So retro and slick at the same time and runs flawlessly. For as many games and demos that try it, for some reason, this of all things is one of the most immersive experiences I've had with the Rift thus far. Please please release the full version.
  • Chriz86Chriz86 Posts: 5
    Loved that game to bits on the Vita, barely believed that there is a VR demo out now. Played it for about 30 minutes and absolutely love it. Thank you very much!
  • MarbasMarbas Posts: 109
    Hiro Protagonist
    Fantastic demo! As a developer Im inspired and as a gamer Im having lots of fun playing it :) The mix of old-school vector style graphics and the Oculus RIft is a match made in VR heaven.
  • oxox Posts: 68
    Brain Burst
    Thank you - we're inspired too by seeing how much people are enjoying the demo :). We're very much into bringing the neo-retro style to VR, and love that feeling of being "inside" an oldschool arcade game. Already got good ideas about what to try next, and I feel there's a place for this style of game in VR. It's nice because it's something that feels instantly familiar but also brand new, and makes for a nice comfortable VR experience that anyone can try.

    We are currently looking into the possibility of a Gear VR port - if we can get it running nicely on there that would be cool.
  • marcomarco Posts: 1
    Fantastic! Loving it :D
  • EisernSchildEisernSchild Posts: 198
    Absolutely great, can't wait for the full game :D
  • BlockABootsBlockABoots Posts: 46
    Brain Burst
    Damn!!! Now i want that Playstation Robotron 3D game to be ported over to the rift!!, that would be the tits!! 8-)
  • This seems quite different from the Vita version, a lot of the graphics have changed and the webs seem a lot shallower, making it more challenging to play.

    Other than that a fantastic release which utilizes the Oculus very well. Been waiting for this since I heard of it's existence, can't wait for the full release.

    Nice work LLamasofties!
  • oxox Posts: 68
    Brain Burst
    Yeah we needed to do quite the overhaul from the Vita version, mainly all the enemy shapes - the mainly vector shapes that looked good on the Vita looked way too sparse and flat when you were actually in there with them so I remade them a bit more solid. And since there's no screen edge in VR I was able to move the viewpoint a fair bit closer - it does mean that on larger surfaces like the Ear you have to turn your head and look around to see the whole surface, but I think that adds to the sense of scale of the things and the feeling of being there.

    The bonus rounds are redone too, the Vita ones looked like a little bit of carpet laid down in front of you in VR :D.
  • TomSDTomSD Posts: 429
    Brain Burst
    I tried this last night - very cool, thanks for sharing! Definitely one of the more intense VR experiences I've encountered so far. The framerate was absolutely rock solid with no glitches in direct mode. My PS3 controller masquerading as a 360 controller worked perfectly. It's so nice when everything just works the way it should.

    I love the soundtrack and the gameplay is tight. One of my earliest memories is of playing Attack of the Mutant Camels on VIC-20 (more correctly known as GridRunner 2 I guess) and this reminded me a little of that. Not really in the obvious way of shooting things, but the overall vibe.

    Aside from the main gameplay, I also had fun pausing the game and trying to make myself dizzy by spinning the camera around in circles. What really produced an odd sensation though: sitting still and letting those little green triangles float through me. I've clipped through stuff in VR before but never had a feeling quite like this one.
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  • oxox Posts: 68
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    ah yes, the naming confusion with Attack of the Mutant Camels - in the UK the Gridrunner sequel was called "Matrix", and Attack of the Mutant Camels was a game for the c64 and 8-bit Atari that was a lot like the 2600 Parker Brothers "Empire Strikes Back" game but with giant camels instead of Star Wars Imperial Walkers.

    Our US publisher at the time didn't care much for AMC the game, nor its sequel Revenge of the Mutant Camels (which became quite an iconic c64 game in Britain), but they *did* rather like the name, so they had me rename Matrix as AMC for the US release. That's why you can occasionally find copies of British-AMC labelled as Advance of the Mega Camels where we were able to sell it in North American territories.

    There are actually some sound effects from the Vic 20 Gridrunner in TxK (when you shoot the flower stems IIRC).

    anyway enough old videogame nerdery, I'm glad you enjoyed TxK VR. We've come a long way since that old Vic 20 :).
  • Paul33993Paul33993 Posts: 406
    I'm confused about something (not sure if it's a gameplay element or Rift issue):

    So at the end of each level, when your ship is zooming through the standard level transition, is the camera supposed to be centered behind these fly-through "tunnels"? It makes it a TON easier to get points (by staying center) on the rare occasions I've spawned centered behind them. Or is your starting position determined by how well you cleared the level? The better you do, the more centered the camera is? I can decide if this is a major Rift drift issue, or a gameplay element.

    I've gotten the special bonus stages and my camera has been centered on those. Which makes me think the standard bonus fly-throughs just centered randomly? Or based on skill multiplier? It's kind of bothering me that I don't know this.
  • oxox Posts: 68
    Brain Burst
    During a normal level warpout you can steer the soul-spark to try to get it as central as you can when passing through the hexagonal thingies. Either use a slight head look, or if you prefer hold your head still and use the left analog stick instead. The closer you are to the middle passing each hexagon the more bonus you get. Maximum bonus is achieved when you see a red heart as you pass through the hexagon.
  • pcenginefxpcenginefx Posts: 12
    As a LONG time fan of T2K on the Jaguar (and T3K on the Nuon!), I was super excited to see that this was released for VR....I only have the Gear VR (and not the Rift) so I hope a Gear VR port can be done soon!
  • Paul33993Paul33993 Posts: 406
    ox wrote:
    During a normal level warpout you can steer the soul-spark to try to get it as central as you can when passing through the hexagonal thingies. Either use a slight head look, or if you prefer hold your head still and use the left analog stick instead. The closer you are to the middle passing each hexagon the more bonus you get. Maximum bonus is achieved when you see a red heart as you pass through the hexagon.

    Okay. So that's what I thought. It's some weird drift issue. There's no way I could use a slight head look, because 95 percent of the time I'm about 2000 meters off to the right of the hexagons. And weirdly, I vary wildly as to how far away I am each round. One time I was almost inside it, but that's as close as I've ever been. Usually I'm out in the hinterlands (way to the right).

    As I posted back on the first page, I specifically went into the Oculus Desk demo to reset the calibration and have it perfectly centered. This was with the camera directly in front of me. Also playing the game with the camera directly in front of me.

    It's not enough to ruin my love of it, but it definitely makes it impossible to score any points after each round.
  • flibberflopsflibberflops Posts: 86
    Hiro Protagonist
    OMG! The hippie coders are back again... quick, everybody stock up on their epilepsy Meds!

    What can I say guys, totally amazing as always... but then again you always know you are getting a quality product as soon as you see the Llamasoft label!

    Great reboot of Tempest 2000... and the VR shoots it far into another level. The Music is spot on too!

    My only complaint (and it is petty) is the name "TxK" doesn't exactly give any hint to a Minter based product. I must have played every Llamasoft game going but even my Llama tuned mind walked past this game title for the last few days because I had no idea of its hippie heritage! Personally I would change the title of this thread to "TxK - Llamasoft" to give us oldies a chance of noticing this new masterpiece.

    Finally, for those who are too young to know any better...

    Yak is god
    ... and Pump up the sound (it would be rude not too!)
  • I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it seems like all of the game's music assets are in the demo download? (I own TxK on the vita and music from the later levels is definately there!)
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