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Where are Epic Citadel and DrivR?

LordJuanloLordJuanlo Posts: 304
edited April 2013 in Games and Apps
Hi all, my Oculus Rift order is processing so hopefully I'm getting it very soon. Meanwhile, I've registered here and downloaded the Tuscany demo, but I can't find the demos shown at GDC and others: Epic Citadel and DriVR. Any chance to get them to showcase the Rift?
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  • V8GriffV8Griff Posts: 241
    Hiro Protagonist
    It was mentioned in the 23rd of March update that the Citadel demo will be released with the UDK special build in April.

    I don't recall that they've mentioned releasing the DriVR demo yet, it may well need work before they want to release it if at all.
  • MattRixMattRix Posts: 8
    FYI, it's super easy to modify Unity's free "car tutorial" to give it Oculus support, I did that and put a video of it here:
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