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Hipster Axe

justcoloradojustcolorado Posts: 9
edited October 2015 in Showcase
Hipster Axe


Is a game and a social commentary about the effects of gentrification. It is being developed with full oculus rift support.

Summary: Legions of trendy hipsters are moving in to the crime ridden post industrial ghettos of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Your mission: to stop the invasion by chopping the hipsters to pieces with an axe, and then defeating the hipster queen.

Level Summary: The level will consist of about 10 playable city blocks. There will be a few houses, factories and stores that will be explorable. One large factory building will include an accessible rooftop with a matte painting panoramic view of the NYC skyline visible in the background. This building will be level’s main landmark and the rooftop will be the scene of final boss battle.
There will also be a toxic waste creek, and an abandoned railroad track between the factory buildings. The tracks and creek intersect and there will be a small bridge. The level map is approximately based on the actual size and scale of a few blocks in the East Williamsburg Industrial Zone.

More info at http://www.hipsteraxe.com


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I can't even believe this is real. Too funny.
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  • DannyODannyO Posts: 49
    I can't even believe this is real. Too funny.

    This is no laughing matter, Hipsters are becoming an epidemic that threatens our future.

    How would you like it if you woke up tomorrow to find half your family are now Hipsters? I lost a brother to Hipsteritus.
  • I'm just happy this exists.
  • justcoloradojustcolorado Posts: 9

  • This game is the reason why VR has invented :DDD
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