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[RELEASED]Multiplayer VR for DK2

kevingullingkevingulling Posts: 84
Hiro Protagonist
edited February 2015 in Showcase


This is a fun little multiplayer game that I made to test out networking and some other scripts and things in Unity. Thanks to everyone that has made assets available for free to indie developers! Without you guys games like this would never be made!

I have tested this out on a couple computers, including a laptop, it should perform well on most systems. Let me know if you have any issues other than the funky GUI (work in progress).

Free to play, download it now
edit: Windows or Linux! Mac coming soon NEW! 2/23 Mac OS version Experimental (never tested)

Movement - WASD
Jump - Space
Change Color - BMPFGYR
Mute - Hold Delete

I'll be hangin out in there for a while, come watch the show with me :mrgreen:


  • kevingullingkevingulling Posts: 84
    Hiro Protagonist
    Well I finally saw somebody in there a couple minutes ago! They spawned and committed suicide and never came back. haha. I need three people in there to ride the rocket, I'll try again at 10:30PM PST, if anyone is lurking, c u there
  • FuturistichubFuturistichub Posts: 82
    Brain Burst
    Darn I missed it!
  • kevingullingkevingulling Posts: 84
    Hiro Protagonist
    Ok, I'm going to try again today at noon, 2PM, 6PM, and 10PM PST.
    Hopefully we can get enough people in there at some point that I can tell when the network starts to lag. I'm thinking it's going to happen at around 15 players.

    edit: PS if anyone downloads the Linux version please let me know if its working alright, Thanks :D
    edit: and now the Mac version too!
  • FictionXFictionX Posts: 289
    Thanks for building it for Linux... Unfortunately, Unity VR integration for Linux is "experimental" at the moment, and doesn't work properly. Your game starts, but it's running at around 20 fps, and the entire screen flickers.

    There's not much anyone except the guys at Oculus can do about that for now, unfortunately.
  • haagchhaagch Posts: 95
    Hiro Protagonist
    FictionX wrote:
    and the entire screen flickers.
    You can start unity applications with
    -screen-fullscreen 0
    . When it's not started in fullscreen the flicker (every second frame is black I believe) does not happen. Then you can try to get your windowmanager to put it in "borderless fullscreen", i.e. maximized without window decoration. But the performance will probably not be better.
  • FictionXFictionX Posts: 289
    Hi Haagch

    Thanks for the tip. I have actually done that with other games by using the DE's fullscreen/windowed shortcut (which doesn't move the image, so it's still usable in the rift) - but as you say, performance unfortunately still makes it unplayable.
  • kevingullingkevingulling Posts: 84
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks for the Linux info! I will keep the "experimental" label on the build for now then.
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