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AppSwitcher - v0.4

xyxxyx Posts: 14
edited June 2013 in Showcase
With AppSwitcher, you can switch rift apps from within VR. From v0.4, you can also access desktop.

It executes Unity app in background and automatically configures it to windows 1280x800 mode, and then stream it to rift with HUD overlay. So, the screens must be in extended mode for it to work properly.

Feedbacks are welcome!

* Ctrl+Shift+Z to toggle HUD
* arrow up and down to select app
* and return to switch app

You should try latest-unstable since it'll have more features and all versions are unstable anyway!

* Windows Vista, 7, 8
* .net framework 4.5

Screenshots (v0.3)


  • SteelClawzSteelClawz Posts: 110
    looks nice,

    but it crashes when i launch it
  • xyxxyx Posts: 14
    SteelClawz wrote:
    looks nice,

    but it crashes when i launch it

    Thanks for trying. Did it show some error message, or just crashed quietly?
  • SteelClawzSteelClawz Posts: 110
    just crashes and asks if you would like to shut down this program, where are you sposed to put it? and how many files need to be in there?
  • xyxxyx Posts: 14
    It should work anywhere with no external files (although .net 4.5 is required). But the directory you put it in should be writable to auto-save config file. Is config.json generated there?

    - edit
    Latest unstable version contains error report generation function. If you don't mind, can you try this version?
  • soroxofxsoroxofx Posts: 1
    Other than the crashing when trying to switch, this program is great for surfing the internet with the rift on.
  • xyxxyx Posts: 14
    It'a shame, but current oculus SDK seems to allow only one program at a time to access sensor info.
    So previous app has to be killed before launching new one. (this is what current AppSwitcher does)

    I hope there's some workaround for this... (without resorting to DLL injection things)
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