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Simple Noob Fractals [DK2]

sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
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Hello there!!! In re-learning Unity 5, I decided to work on some easy tutorials first, and at the end of each tutorial convert it to be compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2. This is a fractal tutorial (original link below), that I added a couple simple extra features to.


Pressing the "1", "2", "3", or "4" key on the keyboard will create four separate, super simple but unique fractals. They are created with a lot of randomization, so if you don't like the one you get just hit that key again. The randomizers work on sizes, rotation speed, number of objects, etc. The fractals are created slowly on purpose so that you can see them generate.

"Esc" quits you out of the experience.


I have only tested on a DK2. It was built using Unity 5, with the Unity 4.4 Integration.


This is so simple I'm not sure if anyone will be all that interested, but I may be up for some simple enhancements if anyone has suggestions. Also, this is based on a public tutorial, so I apologize if someone else has already made and distributed something similar to this...


PC Build v1.0:


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
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  • WormSlayerWormSlayer Posts: 51
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    Fractals and VR, my two favourite things :D
  • realsammytrealsammyt Posts: 6
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    I've been trying to find a Unity Fractal tutorial for a while. Thanks!
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