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Simple Noob Graphs [DK2]

sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
Hiro Protagonist
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Hello again! I've completed and slightly modified another tutorial I completed for release. This one is based on using particles to create three dimensional graphs.


(This is also in-game)

Left and Right Arrow Keys - Change resolution of graphs
Up and Down Arrow Keys - Change graph type

'1' Key - One Dimensional Graphs
'2' Key - Two Dimensional Graphs
'3' Key - Three Dimensional Graphs

'Spacebar' - Toggles pixel mode (for Three Dimensional Graphs only)

'R' Key - Re-centers view

"Esc" quits you out of the experience.


I have only tested on a DK2. It was built using Unity 5, with the Unity 4.4 Integration.


This is now my second post for one of these short demos. I am thinking in my head that everyone would rather have more VR demos than none at all, but let me know if you guys think I ever get to a spam-type level. Also, I wasn't a big fan of this tutorial, so I will not be updating or improving this at all. But feedback is always welcome!


PC Build v1.0:


  • SiggiGSiggiG Posts: 190 Oculus Partner
    If you aren't the person who originally made these tutorials (I saw your fractals post), how about giving credit and linking the source? :)
    CCP Games, EVE: Valkyrie developer | @SiggiGG
  • sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
    Hiro Protagonist
    Well in addition to pointing out that these are not original works for the most part, I've also included credit in the readme that I've included with both demo's. Additionally, I am linking to the creator's Patreon page in the hopes that they can make some additional money, instead of just to their webpage!

    I can start posting the link on the forums too though if that's more appropriate. :D
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