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Oculus on Mac: What about direct HMD Access from Apps?

jashanjashan Posts: 26
Brain Burst
edited April 2015 in General
The one thing I currently find most annoying about using the DK2 is that it creates an extended screen ... which in general is completely useless and has the tendency to "grab" windows when I'm rebooting and the restarting certain apps. This is quite annoying because it's quite a challenge to put the headset on, find the mouse cursor in a display that's not meant to be used for the desktop, find a location in the window to start dragging and pulling it out of this little hell.

Apparently, this issue is solved on Windows with "Direct HMD Access from Apps" - but that's currently only supported under Windows. This would also give me "Rift Saver" (which is only supported in direct mode and would be quite useful).

So ... any chance we'll get "Direct HMD Access from Apps" for Mac some day soon?

That would make the experience significantly more fun (and for a consumer version, this is definitely a requirement because I doubt "normal people" would put up with this ... it's even annoying for a DevKit but I guess that's something that comes with early access, so I wouldn't complain).
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