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Aerith's Church VR

XericoreXericore Posts: 2
edited May 2015 in Showcase
Hey guys, I just finished my first virtual reality demo. Maybe some of you will enjoy it.
You can find screenshots and a download at

Have fun with the demo and tell me what you think about it.


  • khos85khos85 Posts: 196
    Hiro Protagonist
    Looks really good quality! Well done.
  • Oh damn, must download! Thank you for this :D
  • Jason187781Jason187781 Posts: 76
    This was great,

    Brought me back to FF7 in a good way. Have you anymore plans to make other areas?

  • drashdrash Posts: 2,847
    This was really nice. Even the stained glass windows have great detail. The whole environment made me want to get down and take a nap among the flowers. :D
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