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Oculus working on the holodeck?

saviorntsaviornt Posts: 1,951
edited May 2015 in General
Saw this in a USAToday article:
Among the company's other efforts, Oculus is working on a "holodeck."

Would anyone care to elaborate? :o


  • andrewtekandrewtek Posts: 976
    I wonder if Cyber would tell us :)
  • snappaheadsnappahead Posts: 2,302
    My guess would be that it was just the writers way of describing VR to a casual.
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  • scottycamscottycam Posts: 152
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    The media seems to be doing it's usual crap and altering information or simply using it out of context to make their "news" sound better.

    The latest "re/code" interview with Iribe says that the rift as a full package cost (including pc) will be $1500 but the media took this and has posted everywhere that the rift will cost $1500.

    The holodeck remark was an answer to the question asked if they were making a holodeck, Iribe said how they want VR to get to that stage someday and they are working towards that goal. Oculus never said anything about actually making or working on a holodeck but that too seems to be posted quite a bit in the news.

    Among other things, I'd say it's best to watch the actual interview rather then read anything the media has posted.
  • VizionVRVizionVR Posts: 3,022
    Oculus did say that the CV1 would allow standing experiences. Maybe that has something to do with it?
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  • kevinw729kevinw729 Posts: 5,333 Valuable Player
    There have been rumors for some time since the presentation of the famous 'Valve VR Room' that OVR had a similar demonstrator they wowed accounts with. To take this to its logical next step a "holodeck" approach would be a fun idea (door open step inside door closes).

    Though by all rights the true "holodeck" would be an unencumbered environment and so would be more like a CAVE.

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