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Colorblind Simulator

the5soulsthe5souls Posts: 21
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edited November 2015 in Showcase
Colorblind Simulator

Colorblind Simulator v0.10.1 (~67 MB)

"What color is this?" It's one of the most common questions people ask those with colorblindness.

I have mild red-green colorblindness (or protanomaly), and I thought this would be great for those curious to see a small sample of what the world looks through our eyes. You can choose between three different types of colorblindness, as well as adjust the severity of the effect.

This would have not been possible without Chman's ColorBlindr filter. His GitHub repo can be found here.

The song in the video is "Prelude No. 23 in F major" by Steven O'Brien. This song (and a ton of his other great songs) can be found here.

The Reddit thread with a lot more information regarding the demo and colorblindness can be found here.

It's a relatively small demo, but I hope it helps you understand our view of the world!

And as always, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks.

Other developer notes:
I'm still trying to figure out loading scenes so I apologize for the reeaaally bad disorientation when you go between the game and the title screen.

Also, for some reason the shadows appear in the Unity editor, but not in the build. I've checked the shadow distance, the camera rendering paths, baked and real time lighting, but nothing.


  • purifier82purifier82 Posts: 310
    Hiro Protagonist
    Beat me to it, I've been suffering from deuteranomaly since I can remember, so I was waiting for my VIVE devkit to show the world my problem in first person eheheh ;)

    Have you tried the famous Enchroma glasses by any chance? Do you think the lenses can be applied to our beloved HMDs in the future or we can simply compensate colors with a saturation slider?
    Si vis pacem para bellum
  • the5soulsthe5souls Posts: 21
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    Ah no I haven't tried those glasses yet. They look really interesting, though. From what the others are saying, the glasses just makes certain colors pop out a bit more so maaaaybe there can be some sort of specialized VR lenses that does that too. That would be cool. But, man, those glasses are like $300-$400 a pair! For now, looks like it's just "Colorblind Mode" buttons and sliders for us! :lol:

    And I hope you can make something awesome for the VIVE! I was actually thinking about creating a small mini-game that simulates the "HEY WHAT COLOR IS THIS?!" question that we get asked all the time looool. That would definitely be cool with the tracking and pointing at stuff.

    Maybe we can also show people common "colorblind problems", like the lights on battery chargers ("is it charging? or... is it done?"), peanut butter, traffic lights at night, match the color games, etc.
  • purifier82purifier82 Posts: 310
    Hiro Protagonist
    Oh god yes that's always been my number one problem, those bad green/yellow LEDs that I can't tell the status of :|

    Anyway, IF I receive a devkit, I think I'll be 90% invested in my other project , but in the free time I'd like to try and build a wavelength sampler just for fun, plus I hope to figure out how to selectively disable low persistence to augment the dynamic range 8-)
    Si vis pacem para bellum
  • vrcovervrcover Posts: 209
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    This is pretty cool, my wife has a mild case of color blindness. Do you have plans to take this further? It would be cool if some headsets could run with plugins that assist people with color blindness by shifting the color spectrum for example.
  • the5soulsthe5souls Posts: 21
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    Yes, I definitely want to take this further! However, my skills have not caught up to what I have in mind so it's going to be quite a learning process. I would love to recreate a beautiful flowery landscape (or a night-time driving scene with traffic lights and street lights), but that's out of my scope for now.

    Colorblind assists would be pretty cool. Some games already have colorblind modes where they change certain colors to other "easier" colors. I was discussing it a bit on the Reddit thread where I'm using a colorblind addon for my Google Chrome, but some colors are still a bit iffy. Because the problem's very core is that the "cones" in our eyes are physically defective or missing, It's an interesting problem to try and solve.
  • JHarshbargerJHarshbarger Posts: 9
    For those of us developing games, could you share how you're creating the effect of these particular types of colorblindness? This would be helpful for testing our own games to see if someone with colorblindness would have difficulty with certain aspects of the game, such as navigating menus or making necessary differentiations between objects.
  • the5soulsthe5souls Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    Of course! I'm using a fantastic colorblind filter by Chman called ColorBlindr. Here's the GitHub repo of it:

    Chman's filter is based off Color Oracle, another desktop-based colorblind simulator.

    And thanks for asking! I completely forgot to note the filter in the original post. I will update it.
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