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the ride simulator

EDGAR01031989EDGAR01031989 Posts: 16
edited July 2015 in Oculus Share
hi anyone knows a compatible flight simulator with oculus rift dk2?
how to set up oculus dk2 to work with the virtuix omni (which oculus sdk download )?


  • sludgybeastsludgybeast Posts: 40
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    Dcs is an extremely realistic flight simulator that has native support for dk2. There is also an arcady flight battle sim called war thunder, and lastly they have hacked in support for flight simulator x I believe through vireio.

    I highly recommend DCS if your rig can handle it, you can fly modern jets such as the f-15 and warthog and it is easily the most realistic sim you will find released to the public. You can also fly the p-51 which is the only older warbird you can fly.

    War thunder has a bunch of the older warbirds with a few of the first generation of jets but it has a progression to unlock more planes to fly but that one probably has the best graphics and looks more like a movie.
    DK2- Works and Developing
    DK1 no longer works :(
  • gazzbassgazzbass Posts: 20
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