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[DEMO RELEASE] Displacement Theory

karelkarel Posts: 49
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EDIT: Before downloading please note that currently there is a nasty bug when using a gamepad. Sometimes there is a heavy camera drifting when using the right thumbstick. I will try to find a fix asap. Until then i would strongly recommend you to play with mouse and keyboard. You can still play with the gamepad without using the right thumbstick. Use bumpers instead to activate the comfort mode 45 degree rotation snap.

Hi. This a demo release of our upcoming game Displacement Theory. ... y.rar?dl=0

EDIT: Alternative link. Dropbox is on vacation at the moment.!tcc3TBoK!bNdnr594G ... NtfjYuXFCA

It is a slow paced exploration game that takes place in a WW2 U-boat. You are stuck on a broken boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Your mission is to find a way back home.

This demo represents a short segment of the game.

I would like to apologize in advance for the high system requirements. We are continually doing optimizations and Unity5.1 VR is a little bit shaky right now. We had pretty stable build on older version but now we sometimes get random judder even on high end machines.

Also the visuals are not as good as they should be. Currently there is a problem where Unity VR does not render heightmaps and reflections correctly because there is only one camera now. So many objects in our demo look flatter that they are supposed to and the roughness and specular looks wrong when you inspect objects closely.

You can read about the issue here. - ... st-2188885 and here ... ye.332575/

If you have any suggestions or feedback about the demo i would gladly hear about it. You can leave it to this thread or send it to me directly at

We devs are still only scratching the surface with VR and we learn as we go :)

Oculus Rift To look around the scene.
Move horizontal and vectical W,A,S,D
Interact with highlighted object Left mouse button
Flashlight Right mouse button
Turn left/right Mouse
Comfort mode 45 degree turn. Q and E

Oculus Rift To look around the scene.
Move horizontal and vectical Left thumbstick
Interact with highlighted object A button
Flashlight B button
Turn left/right Right thumbstick
Comfort mode 45 degree turn. Left and right bumper

Current minimum requirements.

Intel Core i5
Windows 7 or 8
980GTX (edit: Many people have reported that 970GTX works fine. I personally have a heavy judder but you may want to try it out if you have a lower card.)

3 GB Disk Space


  • Jason187781Jason187781 Posts: 76
    edited July 2015
    Hi, This was a great little demo.

    The environment is amazingly detailed and atmospheric ( Maybe the best I have ever seen in VR! ) and it ran very smooth for me.

    I liked trying to figure out all the valves and switches but had no idea what I was doing lol.

    Definitely want to see more, the end was very intriguing.

    Great work ;)

    7 Home Premium 64-bit
    i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs)
    8192MB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,178 Oculus Staff
    This looks amazing!
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  • rip70rip70 Posts: 17
    links temporarely disabled too much traffic,Damn
  • karelkarel Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    Oh no :(

    I will try to find an alternative place to upload the build asap.
  • rip70rip70 Posts: 17
    Thanks it was more giving a heads up but i do wanna check it out :)
  • rip70rip70 Posts: 17
    its working now thanx not sure for how long if they're curbing traffic on dropbox but might be the reason you didn't get much feedback. ww2 U boat? when i seen that i was all over it great idea cheers
  • moltonmolton Posts: 388
    that is a great demo. I probably got 20-30fps but it was still extremely immersive, my computer is not the greatest, most VR apps that look this good are usually far less fps. I loved how you handled picking up and inspecting objects. I felt like I was in a history class with this crazy detailed, (probably) accurate portrayal of a WW2 u-boat
  • Game_Hard4-0Game_Hard4-0 Posts: 89
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    So i just fired up this demo, and my jaw simply dropped ! The attention to detail the way you interact with objects its
    just a incredible demo ! And i beg of you to make this a full game or at least a little longer :) One of the most detailed
    virtual reality experiences i ever hade ! I simply hade to make a video from my time spent in the Submarine.

    Thank you for making this possible ! Keep up the GREAT work son !

  • karelkarel Posts: 49
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    Haha thanks for posting the video :D Actually it looks like you managed to find a bug. You should not be able to pick up that door handle from there. It should drop on to the floor after you shoot the torpedo.

    I also made a video of the full playthrough.
  • MadisVMadisV Posts: 12
    Wow, really nice! The level of detail and number of levers and cranks really made me feel lost in that ship :) And the claustrophobic surroundings made me sweat, so it felt like I was running out of air! I messed around with the levers until I accidentally managed to fire one of the torpedoes. With a subwoofer behind my back it felt especially nice :D

    For me the missing door piece also didn't fall, but I somehow spotted it and got it. At least I think I did, because I never went back to unlock the door! So I quit after about 10 minutes of clicking every other part of the ship :)

    Was it me or was the ship constantly slowly turning?

    Ran OK with Nvidia geforce 970, but had some short stalling in the beginning.

    Keep up the great work!
  • maboo12maboo12 Posts: 45
    cant get it to work with my dk2 :( is there a special trick to play it with the oculus? normaly alt+enter is enough but that doesn't work...
  • SerVitorSerVitor Posts: 112
    Same doesnt work for me. I tried different resolutions. Not sure why there is a dropdown for image quality because the only option is Fantastic. Anyway i get black screen

    Win7 spec in sig

    Shame as it looks great from the videos :)

    edit: i thought it was odd that 2 other demos didnt work either so i started checking some of the older demos i have

    none worked! :(

    True i have upgraded my graphics card to a GTX980 but i tested Elite and Alien Isolation and both worked great dunno what has went wrong somewhere

    edit: Elite dangerous works great no problems there. very odd
    i5-4690k 16 gig Ram Win 7 64bit 4 gig Gigabye G1 Gaming GTX980 Oculus SDK 0.8
  • karelkarel Posts: 49
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    Hey SerVitor and maboo12. Sorry to hear that you have trouble getting it work. Not sure why it crashes. Make sure that you have latest oculus drivers installed. I see SerVitor that you are using but you should try the latest That is what i am using currently. Also if on Nvidia then make sure you follow official instruction from Oculus release notes: For NVidia GPUs, please use driver version 350.12. The latest NVidia driver is unstable with the runtime.

    Let me know if you still have problems.

    @MadisV Thank you for letting me know about the controller issue. Looks like there is a bug where the camera starts to drift very heavily when you use right thumbstick. I will try to find what causes it and release a fix asap.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,178 Oculus Staff
    The graphics look so good.
    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X | MSI X370 Titanium | G.Skill 16GB DDR4 3200 | EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 | Corsair Hydro H110i
    Gigabyte RX Vega 64 x2 | Samsung 960 Evo M.2 500GB | Seagate FireCuda SSHD 2TB | Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV
  • Game_Hard4-0Game_Hard4-0 Posts: 89
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    After playing vr games and demo`s sins the release of the Oculus Dk 1, i really want to applaud this developer and the demo he has provided us with. Cause its so incredibly detailed. Sure it takes a little beefed up computer to run smooth. It ran just fine on a geforce gtx 780 ti card. The immersion you get in this one is also very good. My thoughts really goes out to people that actually was stationed in a submarine during world war 2. Simply terrefying !

    I did a little reenactment in this video, just for the heck of it :D

  • karelkarel Posts: 49
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    Thank you for the kind words.

    Your video is great!!! I especially loved the reenactment and the editing. Turning a slow paced exploration game into action drama :D Made it a lot more interesting viewing experience. I am going to share this on Oculus subreddit.
  • Woah, what a fantastic demo! I've just posted a hands-on with the game over at The Rift Arcade, love the atmosphere and attention to detail, there's so much to look at (great surprise ending too). Keep up the brilliant work -- looking forward to seeing more! ... nt-theory/

  • karelkarel Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    Hi Tom. Thank you so much for the really great article. Reading this was a great extra motivation boost for the entire team. Especially glad that the claustrophobic atmosphere part seems to be working as intended.
  • effteeffte Posts: 1
    Can I see this in my DK2 without downgrading runtime to get the extended mode - which is how I assume it was supposed to work?
  • ParadiseDecayParadiseDecay Posts: 501 Poster of the Week
    Looks good.... downloading now!
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