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Need feedback on my Demo.

VRGameGirl1984VRGameGirl1984 Posts: 11
edited September 2015 in Oculus Share
Hello! I just released a demo and its been online for a few days now. I haven't gotten as much feedback as I would like. Just a couple of comments. Nothing fancy. I want to cont. to make demos but have no idea what do come up with next and have sooo many ideas! But first I need feedback on my current ones. I have only created 2 experiences so far, i got into Unity and game design this time last year.
I just want someone to tell me what they think about the graphics, sound FX, music, and whatnot. Obviously the models are either free or purchased from the unity asset store so are not going to be all that impressive. Think of them as placeholders maybe?? Anyway, if you haven't tried my demo yet, its here:
Please leave comments. I would love feedback. Remember though, I am a noob and learned everything I know from YouTube and the Unity Answers website.
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