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Preview of Breach - a short horror game for the Oculus Rift

JeppeJeppe Posts: 34
edited July 2013 in Showcase
Hi Rifters! Here's a preview video of a short horror game called Breach me and five friends have made as part of our Bachelor's Thesis. It was built in UDK and we are very happy with the end result and are looking forward to letting the Rift community feel the horror while playing it :)

You awaken from your cryo sleep because of a power failure in your spacecraft, but you are not alone... In order to survive, you need to repair the ship to prevent an imminent collision with an asteroid, while at the same time hide from the alien intelligence that is now inhabiting the ship.


  • SteelClawzSteelClawz Posts: 110
    lol wow great job...
    it was freaky hearing those doors open behind and you
    ... and then...
  • edulinaresedulinares Posts: 275
    Cool, looking forward for a playable Oculus-Ready release
  • IGameArtIGameArt Posts: 89
    Hiro Protagonist
    See, if SystemShock 2 had that kind of lighting, i'd be playing that right now. lol. Looking good so far duder
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