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Half Life 2, Linux, and Oculus

WowbaggerWowbagger Posts: 5
edited November 2013 in Games and Apps
I've asked once in the main HL2 topic, but received no response so far, so I'll create a thread just for HL2, Linux, and Oculus, and maybe somebody might respond.

According to Valve, HL2 now supports Oculus, and it supports Linux. I am trying to find out if those two sets intersect - is Oculus supported in Linux? So far, I have been unable to get HL2 to give any indication it does.

HL2 runs fine under my Ubuntu 12.04 x86-64 machine, and I've added the "-vr" option on the launch shortcut in Steam, but I can see no way to enable Oculus mode. I've pulled down the Steampipe beta.

I know the Rift itself is working: I can run the Tuscany Demo with no problems, so it's not a permissions issue on the HID device.

I've raised this as a support issue with Valve, but have yet to get a meaningful response from them.

So, can anybody give me any sort of meaningful response? Even a "No, it's not supported under Linux at this time" would be helpful.


  • SignaidySignaidy Posts: 13
    Well, I must add to the fact that the HL2 version that works with the oculus is the windows version, thought they said that once the linux SDK goes out (wich already happened) they would start to work on the linux version of HL2 with VR, I mean, i also tried to run it with the oculus on my ubuntu 13.04 64 -bit, but well.... we will have to wait.... :cry:
  • 3vi13vi1 Posts: 1
    Hmmm... looking at it today, it looks like there's *still* no support for Oculus in the Linux release. :(
  • FredzFredz Posts: 545
    Brain Burst
    They are maybe working on it :
  • FredzFredz Posts: 545
    Brain Burst
    Team Fortress 2 Update Released :
    - Added support for VR mode on Linux
    Maybe it's only a question of time for Half-Life 2.
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