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Good article about VR in general

saviorntsaviornt Posts: 1,951
edited October 2015 in General
Not anything new in the article, but it's a good one considering it came from a skeptic: ... y-facebook


  • shadowfroggershadowfrogger Posts: 502
    That was a good read, thanks. The minds that are going to get blown in the next decade is unthinkable. be a invaluable tool for moral causes but you still have to get it on stubborn people heads somehow. Maybe a bit of clockwork orange is in order.
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  • obzenobzen Posts: 713
    Nexus 6
    One of the better mainstream article about VR I've read.
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  • VizionVRVizionVR Posts: 3,022
    This was a good, honest review of VR told from an outsider's unbiased perspective. It's good to see Stanford get some attention. It's pretty safe to say that they've been in the VR game longer than Oculus, Valve and Sony combined and have contributed immense amounts of data on the psychological impacts of VR.
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