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No sound playing on Gear

SuppleTeetSuppleTeet Posts: 25
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edited October 2015 in Samsung Gear VR
Here's my setup:

* Unity 5.2.1p2
* Oculus Utilities 0.1.2 with "Virtual reality supported" turned on(should I be using the mobile SDK unity integration?)
* Galaxy S6 + Gear VR Innovator
* Windows 10 (Runtime installed)

Audio settings:
* Load Type - Compressed in Memory
* Compression Format - Vorbis
* Quality - 70
* Sample Rate Setting - Optimize Sample Rate

This is a project upgraded from a working Unity4 project, It's building to the phone fine, the app starts up, the head rotation works, but no audio is playing at all. I'm pretty new to android dev with unity, not even sure how to debug this... thanks in advance to anyone that can help point me in the right direction. :)


  • SuppleTeetSuppleTeet Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    Turned out to be a random bug... I had some layers set up in my unity project to specify which objects get animations triggered and audio played... when I overwrote my "Project Settings" folder with the one included in the utilities it removed those layers from my project. Somehow the Unity Editor was smart enough to work fine without those layers in the project settings, but Android it was not.

    I've run into this before with upgrading oculus integration and the project settings files overwrite my app icons, developer/project name, etc. Is it possible to only overwrite things that are necessary for a proper unity build? Steam VR has a handy lil window for saying "you should be setting these settings" and doesn't mess with things it doesn't have to.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
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