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problem makes me so tired in L.M +Unity+DK1

Tom.MarshallTom.Marshall Posts: 4
edited December 2015 in Oculus Share
hey wuss up guys ?

am workin on big project in unity i did make my own virtual reality Cinema an used Dk1 on it an it's working no problem ..

+ i create my own media player and added some features on it that u can control the whole media player using ur hands (by Leap Motion Device ) ...

an i tried to integrate the unity with media player to make the user wear the dk1 and will be in cinema so he can choose the poster of the movie using his hands .. once he do the right motion on the poster will automatically play the movie ...

(i linked the poster to a bus location of the file and write the bus location in note bad ..then media player read this location and play the movie ) .. and to be honest it's working an am glad .. but the problem is dk1 can't play the movie into it after
the movie worked by media player ??

it's working but not in the dk1 ?? so am wondering why does not work in the dk1 ?

i mean should i use a specific media player ? i don't know so i need help cuz i swear i spent my last 3 months working on this !! an am soooo close .. so pls help me guys ...

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