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Feasibility of VR suit w electro-/magnetorheological fluids

multimedialmultimedial Posts: 32
Brain Burst
edited December 2015 in General
Hi there,

after fiddling 5 minutes to squeeze in my idea into the subject line, I was wondering if someone here as any experience using electrorheological or magnetorheological liquids and could eventually hint me at the cost of these, their eventual toxicity and the voltage/current/magnetic field needed to stiffen the liquid...


  • AshlesAshles Posts: 515
    Interesting idea

    One additional consideration for such suits I believe would be heat dissipation - body suits covered in haptic foam/gel/fluid/sensors etc are going to get very uncomfortable very quickly unless there's a way to cool/ventilate.
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  • DisdroidDisdroid Posts: 562
    Considering the fact that some people are already experimenting with magnetorheological fluids as body armor, it seems that the eventual realisation of a haptic suit is at least possible. However I wouldn't bet on seeing a prototype within the next five years and therefore no pricetag. If you want one today, you'll have to invent one yourself.
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  • MradrMradr Posts: 4,163 Valuable Player
    No need to have a phase changing material as a suit with precision air spots could in theory do the same and be a lot safer than something field with a fluid that can be very toxic.
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