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Vr Life

mercilessqtipmercilessqtip Posts: 23
Brain Burst
edited December 2015 in Oculus Share
Hey guys, I'm Chris! I wanted to share a quick story with you about my VR experience and how it has changed my life!
I hope im posting this in the right place I figure Community/Oculus Share is where it needs to be. Anyways, Please pardon my horrible spelling in grammar.

I have been searching all my life for something to be passionate about. I have always loved technology but never considered it to be that thing. I played Guitar in a band here in Nashville in my younger days. We even played with My chemical romance and alot of others. I actually thought that was it. But i fell into drugs and that consumed my life. that became my passion. It was all I cared about. I went to prison and did about 14 months and was released, I messed up again and went back. I was then released to the Drug court program where my life began to change. At the time of writing this im going on 4 years clean. I have Married and have to Children. Boys. I landed a Sweet job with a local small company that makes custom metal stuff. I weld and manage our website, ... And While i love these things I am just not passionate about it.

Earlier this year I received some unexpected money i got on craigslist and found a dev kit for 200$. So I built a pc that would run it. Ever since my life has been consumed with this. I am learning to develop and code. I play games and watch movies in it every day. I can't stop! To me its more addicting than any drug and trust me I know! ha! What you guys at Oculus are doing is going to Change the world. I only wish that I could Have lived closer to you guys so that i could have been a major part in this. I don't know much about software or FOV's or latency and or frame rates. But I would have twirled a sign, and been at every single event you guys had!

I own a DK2 and Gear VR and I am part of a group in Nashville, TN that Demos out our hardware at conventions and meetings we setup. I love sharing this with people because it truly is AMAZING. I want as many people to see this as possible. IT is going to change the world. I know it's just the beginning and to you guys I am just a consumer. But I cannot wait to see how you guys evolve. I hope one day I can be a bigger part of it than I am now.


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