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Share gear vr to a pc display...

youyou Posts: 157
edited January 2016 in Samsung Gear VR
Is there some way to display the output of the gear vr onto your pc/laptop (so you other people can see what a user is seeing inside the headset?).

I just downloaded SideSync 3.0, and it works great for browsing the phone/other apps, but in gear vr home I just get a black screen.


  • PhaedrusZenPhaedrusZen Posts: 4
    I've had a little luck with my Chromecast from my phone to the TV or a PC monitor. The problem there is that even though I'm using a Note 5, Google hasn't "optimized" the chromecast for the Note yet, and there's a lot of lag. I'm looking for other alternatives as well; hopefully something that can show the image in real-time...
  • youyou Posts: 157
    Don't care about lag, it doesn't have to look great.

    It's just dumb to be in a room with a bunch of people, and nobody has any fricking clue what the person is seeing/experiencing.

    Other than chromecast (don't own one), is there any other way to share the screen? Maybe there is some setting in SideSync I am missing? Occasionally it will display whats on the phone, but most the time it is just a black screen (again, works great outside of gear vr though).
  • PhaedrusZen, are you using LocalCast or another app to transmit the smartphone screen to PC?
  • youyou Posts: 157
    looks like chrome cast is only 25 bucks at walmart, may go pick one up. Unless anyone knows how to get SideSync to work...
  • I use MirrorOp Sender for Galaxy for my S6. Paid $10 for the program but it worked well and didn't freeze after 2 seconds like with sidesync. You'll also need to download the receiver program on your computer to connect.
  • Thanks, schleepyowl. After MANY days trying MANY apps to capture my Gear VR to make some videos of demos that I will add to a FREE tutorials serie about "Gear VR Programming using Unity and JavaScriot" (soon I will announce it here at the Forum) you give me the solution: MinorOP Sender for Galaxy and Cantasia Studio recording my PC screen.WOW!!! Some dolars to be happy...
    OBS I haven't any commercial relation with the creators of these products.
  • youyou Posts: 157
    Just got a 2nd gen chrome cast, and as soon as I put the phone in, the screen goes black. Randomly I will see a frame on screen, but thats it. Has anyone gotten chromecast to work?

    *and how are you guys using mirrorOp? Do you need a special hdmi device for your tv or does it connect to your pc?
  • DOgiDOgi Posts: 35
    FYI: The reason why MirrorOp Sender for Galaxy works fine is JPEG compression of a livestream. Rest of apps uses hardware codec h264 which is blocked by Oculus app.
  • MephestoKhaanMephestoKhaan Posts: 66 Oculus Start Member
    Another happy mirrorOP user here, also it barely adds any lag to the experience.

    you: it goes over the network
  • you,
    No HDMI or TV needed to use "MinorOP Sender for Galaxy" .There are an app running in the PC receiving the images. You need to have PC and S6 in the same WiFi network
  • youyou Posts: 157
    Cool thanks guys looks like its working. Although how long will it run before it makes me register? 10 bucks right?
  • Azrael30Azrael30 Posts: 107
    You get about five minutes if you don't register. Honestly for the added ease and entertainment it will provide when taking the gear vr over to share with friends, it's worth it.
  • youyou Posts: 157
    Thanks guys just registered. As an added bonus, I can now use my keyboard keys for games that require a joypad!

    Hmm maybe i take that back... dreadhalls seemed to work with my keyboard, but other games not... whats the deal... what keyboard keys are bound to the joypad?
  • jim.seaberg.5jim.seaberg.5 Posts: 1
    Just downloaded and purchased the MirrorOP sender on my Galaxy S8, and Mirror OP receiver on laptop. Screen on laptop froze seconds after connecting. It sometimes do what appeared to be a screen refresh and display a new screen shot, but didn't work correctly. Tried it on another newer/faster laptop. Same thing. Tried to register, but was unable to connect to server. Waste of time for me. Hopefully I can get a refund. My search continues.

  • FailrunnerFailrunner Posts: 162
    Mirrorop and everything freezes when trying to use it.
  • llouislkyllouislky Posts: 1
    Hi there, I tried mirror op but the screen on the notebook will freeze. Finally, I tried teamviewer , it is smooth than the mirror op and it's free! Why not have a try?
    finally, the screen still lag when I enter oculus app
  • BGAdventurerBGAdventurer Posts: 1
    It is more then an year after the last post here, but I'm sure there are still people who are wondering how to do this, like I was. I just found out this tutorial and it worked for me :) Didn't have time to test it playing game and don't know when will have time for that, so I'm shearing it before I forget :D 
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