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Over 800 euro with shipping to Poland?!

HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
edited January 2016 in General
This is just madness. Goodbye vr....
I bought both dk1 and dk2 and even though dk2 was more expensive, it was still half that total cost !!!

This is a nightmare. 800 freaking euro... that is way more than my monthly salary here and I have decent IT job with above average payment... the thing costs 2 times more than ps4 !

Thats not how You show graditude for buying both dk1 and dk2 and supporting the company. As supporter of both prototypes I hoped for discount but thats not even the point.... its just to expensive

The price is just impossible for this country. Have luck selling more than few units.... and why bundle the stupid controller and headphones ? I already have both.... Make more bundles... I have 360 controller and koss portapro headphones. Those are just the same as bundled.
sorry for outrage but jeez


  • reBoot185reBoot185 Posts: 169
    Hiro Protagonist
    screw these oculus people..go with google cardboard or simply stick with the first versions we have.. we must teach people to stop overinflating simply because they are first.
    i'll buy this item from china without remorse for $200 or less within a year.. **** you oculus i hope your stressful life makes you suffer until you lower your prices to reasonable amounts.
  • HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
    remove stupid controller, remote and headphones.
    change box to cardboard to reduce cost (it will sit in closet anyway) and make camera attach on monitor as dk2. boom! 400euro back.
    .... srsly now I hope this flops. It is a serious disapointment for me as I got both dk1 and dk2 from them
  • AntDX3162AntDX3162 Posts: 839
    Trinity ... ect_update

    If you were a kickstarter you can get one free but if you got the DK1 after and/or second hand then...
  • HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
    AntDX3162 wrote:

    If you were a kickstarter you can get one free but if you got the DK1 after and/or second hand then...
    I did not kickstarted but I bought both dk1 and dk2 from oculus site officially when they were new in pre orders phase and waited for months...
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