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The i wanted to Pre-order but didn't MEGA Thread

Emvy-Emvy- Posts: 125
Hiro Protagonist
edited January 2016 in General
sign here if you was seriously going to Pre-order but changed your mind after the Ridiculous price. "Especially in Europe"

I was aiming for $499 MAX. seeing $599 was like.. humph... jeez. that's higher then expected but... its VR.... its Good VR.

proceeded with order..

Changed to Europe region. Price Jumps to 699 EURO without shipping costs!

moment of silence.. rubbing eyes... refresh page cause obviously this is a mistake?


and suddenly the best idea in the world is to wait for the competition and atleast see the CV1 action first cause 700+ euro is to much of a gamble now that the word of Oculus is as valuable as a drug addict telling you to pay you back after asking money for drugs.


  • smilertoosmilertoo Posts: 268
    Hiro Protagonist
    I could save the cost by the april shipping date but i refuse to be fleeced after 2 years of "we're aiming for around 350". The pricing makes no sense, normal consumers won't pay anywhere close to the price they want, and those that do buy early are going to be annoyed when oculus eventually slash the price to try and drive sales. At the moment VR continues to be a very small market niche past time...something that wont encourage much new development from 3rd parties who were expecting their audience numbers to explode when rift was released.
  • I pre-ordered by impulse but i'm really thinking about cancelling it. I just don't know how I can justify $600 for something that will only work on a select few games.

    *PS you spelled Thread wrong*
  • SharpfishSharpfish Posts: 1,303
    edited January 2016
    laminblake wrote:
    I pre-ordered by impulse but i'm really thinking about cancelling it. I just don't know how I can justify $600 for something that will only work on a select few games.

    not so much that, it's that they are charging that much needlessly (it doesn't cost even half that to make) and that they WILL superceed it fast with CV2 once they've grabbed the cash.

    CV1 isn't even that stunning. If you've used DK2 then you won't miss much (without touch) so why not wait to see what vive or cv2 brings?

    Thinking about it - I think they are scared of Vive, so they sell fast and expensive, but not THAT many (cos of price and spec being a bit shit) but it forces valve into action, they release too (a much better experience from day one lets face it!) - then secretly oculus have CV2 much closer than they are telling us, to be able to outdo VIVE as fast as poss, probably by jan next year! Seems obvious to me now, that's why this is so expensive cos they don't want to sell that many, because it's frankly a bit CRAP (a gamepad and a dk like HMD won't cut it next to polished stuff from Sony and Valve eventually). So yeah... there it is, CV1 buyers cash will be soaked up to prevent them buying PS VR or Vive - meanwhile oculus race ahead with CV2 and sell it cheaper than vive by Jan next year and 'win' (they think).

    Which is all cool in the long run, but CV1 is a BAD investment. Don't be desperate for VR, esp if you've already tasted it on DKs.

    no way am I buying cv1 . ever. laters!
    EX DK2, EX VIVE, EX PSVR, Currently RIFT CV1 | VR developer
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  • AntDX3162AntDX3162 Posts: 839
    Probably so they can't price gouge. I wonder what the asian markets are going to look like. They are crazy about technology and probably willing to pay top dollar for black marketed new and rare devices.
  • Emvy-Emvy- Posts: 125
    Hiro Protagonist
    thanks, fixed it :) I guess my mind was filled with Threaths when I typed it :P
    laminblake wrote:
    I pre-ordered by impulse but i'm really thinking about cancelling it. I just don't know how I can justify $600 for something that will only work on a select few games.

    *PS you spelled Thread wrong*
  • gutanggutang Posts: 186
    If I lived in the states I would have considered it but being $1000 in Canada there's just no way... It seems like they really didnt consider the international markets at all with this price point...
  • Since i'm not getting this until April apparently I will wait to see what the price of the Vibe is. If it's around the same price I think i'll get that instead. It seems to offer more.
  • Emvy-Emvy- Posts: 125
    Hiro Protagonist
    I just have this feeling that about 80% of everyone who was sitting behind the computer ready to pre-order didn't do it cause of the insane price.

    if they sold them for manufacturing costs then the world isn't ready for VR.

    if they sold them with like $200 profit to cover development costs etc. even with zuckenberg behind them, then they have put a big crater in the future of VR as from a developer perspective I wouldn't be so thrilled to put shitloads of time in a VR game right now. knowing only the "Elite" will be able to afford it for now.

    where in the dream of palmer lucky to make VR available to the world did it go wrong? I don't strike him as a $_$ guy.

    p.s. I own dk1 and dk2 so I will hold on to them for the next 2 years and see how things un-raffle.
  • DewmDewm Posts: 97
    Brain Burst
    velma01 wrote:
    2 years and see how things un-raffle.
    un-raffle?... you are really convincing Oculus right now that you are super smart and know about real prices points etc..


    On another note, yeah its more then I would have liked.. but I pre-ordered one.. and I don't think Oculus is going to really feel a pinch. I mean they sold out into May already and its been... 5 hours?

    I do wish they offered a bundle without the xbone controller, I already have 4 of them and don't need a 5th.. woulda saved me $60.00.
  • Tim74UKTim74UK Posts: 1,369
    Nexus 6
    ~Not a chance.

    I was gonna but not at a rip off takeing the P***s price!
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  • EliteSPAEliteSPA Posts: 1,560
    Project 2501
    You guys made a big mistake with changing dollars to euros, the rate of the dollar against the euro today is 0,9062 so 599x0,9062= 542,80 €. So why do I payed 699 without shipping costs and taxes???!!!
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  • For me it isn't so much about the cost of the unit or the PC needed, I have the money for that, but at this price I can't see there being anywhere close to a decent install base. Without that the platform is screwed, no matter how good the experience is or how much Facebook can afford to plough into what is sure to be a big loss-making enterprise for the foreseeable future.

    If HTC/Sony are smart they'll take a sharper hit on hardware costs to gain a bigger install base and thus lure developers in to work for them. At that point profits come from software and accessories. That's pretty much how consoles have operated since the day they came out. Off the top of my head I can't think of any debut console that's launched at the type of price the Rift is and gone on to be successful. If the Rift is successful at this price it will be a significant deviation from the norm.

    I'll be interested to see how HTC/Sony react. Oculus have offered them the chance to take a big advantage, but whether either of them can afford to remains to be seen. Neither HTC nor Sony can afford to make massive losses on VR, which may be the only saving grace for the Rift. If so then we face the prospect of VR fading away altogether and becoming nothing more than a small, niche market, exactly as it is now.
  • aorton27aorton27 Posts: 19
    I was going to pre-order if it was going to be around $800 after exchange, shipping and taxes,ect. But being in Canada it was going to be over $1000 and for me that is too much to shell out on a unproven product and I still need to spend another $1500 for a new system. The 35% increase due to the weak CND dollar then add on another %15 for tax and who knows how much for customs and duty fee's. I will still get the Rift but will wait till I can purchase it from a retail outlet and let them swallow the shipping, duty and other fee's. If I can save money by purchasing a system that is designed for and comes with a Rift I will do that.
  • JohSm67JohSm67 Posts: 165
    Some thoughts!

    Delivery time for the RIFT will now be during Q2-Q3 2016 for new orders, so there are no need to preorder it!
    "VIVE Pre" is soon also available for pre orders...

    Pre-ordered RIFT's will ship like end of March and then it's possible to try/compare them!

    I'm sure that the RIFT will soon have a version 1.2 unit correcting any minor design corrections and other.
    From a pricing perspective there will be a package change , stripping headphones, controllers to get it into a lower price segment.

    A question that remains, does any one know;
    Will RIFT users be forced to use the Oculus Store only? (Like for the Gear VR)
    Will the VIVE only use the Steam Store only? Or will there be a choice of freedom here!

    Just wait some more weeks/months ;-)

  • AlkasarAlkasar Posts: 10
    With disposable income i was considering even the increased price but then another 150€ popped up for europe, sorry but no deal,
  • smilertoosmilertoo Posts: 268
    Hiro Protagonist
    If a 'full' Rift setup costs $1500 and the Rift is $729 to me in the is lucky palmer buying a full pc capable of running VR for $771? I want to order one.
  • PD333PD333 Posts: 6
    Similar story to most others here. Have been on board since DK1 and was thinking that a reasonable sale price would allow the market to expand to those who are not enthusiasts. I was a definite for a pre-order, but after seeing a price tag of AUD $970 before postage charges, there's no way I'm paying over AUD $1K for a CV1. Not allowing consumers to purchase what they want (e.g. just a headset) is a missed opportunity. After all the positive press the VIVE has been getting, I'm going to be keeping a close eye on it. I also share others concerns about the market being fractured if consumers are forced to support one product or another (Oculus Store OR Steam). Exclusives shit me on consoles and I can see the same thing happening with VR. It will weaken the potential user base, kind of like what happened with 3D content. :roll:
  • GigantoadGigantoad Posts: 395
    Nexus 6
    Well, kinda... but they also made it easy for me since I can't order in Switzerland :D
  • RorschachPhoenixRorschachPhoenix Posts: 1,594 Valuable Player
    Here. There was no doubt I would buy the Rift immediately. But things gone terrible wrong.
    Excuse my bad english. I speak to you through the google translator. :P
  • LitespeedLitespeed Posts: 335
    EliteSPA wrote:
    You guys made a big mistake with changing dollars to euros, the rate of the dollar against the euro today is 0,9062 so 599x0,9062= 542,80 €. So why do I payed 699 without shipping costs and taxes???!!!
    €699 is tax included. $599 is without taxes.

    If you want to sell in the EU all prices you show MUST include taxes. It's a legal requirement (at least in most EU countries).
    While in the US prices usually don't include taxes.

    What you could complain about is that the price difference does not exactly match the VAT rate, which is different in each EU country anyways. So customers who live in a country with high VAT get a better deal from Oculus than people who live in a place with low VAT.
  • I was totally down for ordering two of these so the wife and I could enjoy movies together. Then I saw the price, and thought, 'well lets see what content is out.' The content, or lack of, just made this an easy no for me. Not to mention the lack of transparency of specs and general experience verse the dk2.
  • chtanchtan Posts: 92
    Hiro Protagonist
    I for one was seriously wanted to pre-order but was put off doing so due to the long crazy delivery time instead of price. Even though its a bit pricey but that I could manage. However, the super long lead time is crazy. By then there are more choices for me to choose from. For now, I will just wait and see which one will offer me better game library, Oculus or SteamVR/Vive Pre.
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