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Taxes included.. or is it?

Emvy-Emvy- Posts: 125
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edited January 2016 in General
I'm sorry in advance as I'm sure this question is probably answered already somewhere but...

this line in the confirmation email makes me doubt if the 742 euro for Europe is the whole package deal even though it says so when ordering.

"Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: Applicable shipping, taxes and duties will be added to and charged in your payment upon shipment of the unit."

I mean. who's is to say that the total price will not be closer to 900 euro because of this line?

can anymore clear this up and hopefully put my mind at ease. :)


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,529 Volunteer Moderator
    Depends on where you are. In the EU, they're required to list prices with the VAT already included. In North America, prices are typically listed without sales tax, and that gets added at time of payment.

    That line is standard in the email, but for you in the EU, there shouldn't be any additional taxes or duties. Cyber clarified this in the stickied megathread, I believe.

    Edit: here's the quote.

    "So the VAT is included in the base price, and shipping/handling is also charged. The package will have been imported into the EU before shipment, so import fee is taken care of. However, depending on your location and the carrier used, there can sometimes be additional fees. We try to minimize this as much as possible, but it's hard to say for sure whether all fees are paid (and this can vary by region)."
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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    For orders within the EU, VAT should be included.
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  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,791
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    What about for Canadians Cyber?
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  • SadoxSadox Posts: 6
    "Should be" included and custom fees are included "most likely" and there is "no final confirmation" like the support told me..
    Thank you for your interest in Oculus Rift.

    All shipping and TAX fees are included in the price of 741€.
    Unfortunately we do not have final confirmation, if customs fees will be added. It is most likely that the Rift will be sent to a European ware house from which it will be delivered to you, so customs fees are very unlikely to be added.
    You can finde further news on our Blog or Webseite

    See you in the Rift.

    I would like to have a clear answer on this. I don't want to get a bill of additional 100 € out of nowhere. So please tell us when you have a final confirmation on this. I really don't want to read every thread to find a quote somewhere to make it clear!
  • EarlGreyEarlGrey Posts: 886
    Yes, I find this to be wholly ambiguous as well.

    If I go to any other online store I get the price in dollars, there is no tax, vat, customs, shipping or anything included, and I know what I have to pay in customs and VAT in my own country.

    In fact this is the first I've seen a store trying to calculate the whole price for me, which I find peculiar, since most stores can't be bothered with that sort of stuff. I mean has Oculus confirmed in what customs category their product falls into at the Icelandic Toll Agency? They are infamous for trying to squeeze out as much money as possible by classifying imported items into a high tax category.

    Honestly I don't want to send Oculus this money, I don't trust that I won't be charged the customs and VAT regardless whether Oculus has collected that already... I mean, how do they pay my government this money?

    I'm just very very confused about this arrangement. :roll: It's unusual.

    Is it not simply possible to pay the $599 unit price + shipping? That's what I would consider normal.

    Also, why do they only want euros from me? Can't I pay in USD?
  • For orders within the EU, VAT should be included.

    How come you can answer about EU but not NZ?

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