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Camera scale breaks Gear UI

SuppleTeetSuppleTeet Posts: 25
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edited January 2016 in Support

In Unity5 I'm scaling my camera rig up, as one does in VR to make the world smaller, and this scaling breaks the OVRVolumeController and the OVRGlobalMenu GUIs, they are no longer displaying properly. It would be great if they respected the scale of the camera rig, ey? I fixed it myself to submit to gear VR store a couple months ago, but now there's a mandatory update so I have to patch again.



  • SuppleTeetSuppleTeet Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    Also, it would be sweet if this was just included in the camera prefab, instead of separate prefabs/objects that need to be manually placed in the scene.
  • SuppleTeetSuppleTeet Posts: 25
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    For anyone else that runs into this I've attached 2 modified files that support scaling of the OVRCameraRig...

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