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Dafini's Beauty and Horror Demos

DafiniDafini Posts: 4
edited July 2013 in Showcase
Hey everyone. My Oculus Rift has arrived last week, and I have already grown a heavy attachment to it.

Within the week, I have made a pair of Demos, and am having ideas of pumping out some more as I go

I will post them here as a repository, even if they are... strange.

They are categoriesed as Beauty or Horror Demos. Beauty for just looking at a purely environment-based Demo. Horror is named because I tend to make some very weird things in Unity... These are no exception

I do a lot of just-for-fun games, that will apply to some of these as I go along.

The Temple - Beauty Demo
This demo is purely for looking around at the environment. Currently the only existing section is the walk up the stairs/ramps. Remember that the default Resolution that is set may not work with the OculusVR, and might need to be changed to something compatible via the launcher.

Eyes - Horror Demo (was uploading at time of the link, check back soon)
This was me playing with Strumpy Shader Editor and Playmaker for Unity. This demo uses models from Valve and Sega games, slightly modified to fit the mood. This Demo was to test actual Horror/Psycological ideals, with my own twist.

Will be adding more to the list as I go. Developing for this through Unity is turning out rather fun and addictive for me.


  • jasonatokcjasonatokc Posts: 353
    needs work but you will get there. keep going!!
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    Temple: Nice start for a temple, very interesting. Love the long troughs of water. I appreciate that you used the new SDK, as it used my IPD automatically. I'm sure you're aware of the following but I thought I'd make sure to point them out:
    • Skybox isn't working and is hard to look at. To get this working, you can use the Unity Tuscany demo project as a reference (or roll your own skyphere instead of a skybox).
    • Sunshafts are applied after the lens correction effect which screws it all up. You can tell because the sunshafts actually render onto the black area outside the lens-corrected image.

    Horror: This one is simple but SUPER creepy, despite your models not rendering correctly -- there's a weird effect of there being some sort of view-dependent cutout of the silhouette + the model itself. The sounds here definitely ramp up the creep factor. :)

    And finally, you can set the default resolution displayed in the Unity launcher window by going to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> and find the "Default Screen Width" and "Default Screen Height" properties in the inspector under the "Resolution and Presentation" section. For Rift apps, I usually also turn off all but 16:10 and 16:9 in the "Supported Aspect Ratios".
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