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WizDish ROVR, need impressions.

KarmeckKarmeck Posts: 28
edited February 2016 in General
Anyone have experience with this. Can't find much online.

Seem to be the cheapest option for me in Sweden. Anyone have other sugestion for a similar solution that's good for me in the EU. Omni is kinda expensive.

I think I remember seeing just shoes with tracking pads on them (just move feet up and down to move forward, standing in one place.) but can't find them, do I remember wrong or thees real.


  • agenttoffagenttoff Posts: 325
    It looks a little silly.


    It seems to just be a slick surface that you slide your feet back and forth on. It wouldn't feel like walking at all.
    If this is all it is, you may be able to make a diy solution with some shiny hardwood and wax. ;)
  • KarmeckKarmeck Posts: 28

    The full model have the 'ring' as well, if you look around on thire site they also have a setup to hold cables as well.
  • przecinekprzecinek Posts: 596
    Nexus 6
    I was always a fan of WizDish but that's because I saw it as an inexpensive alternative where you only have the base that takes little room, costs less etc.
    Now they turned it into a normal omni rig... and for 400 quid.

    The only good thing about ROVR is that it's readily available for purchase.
    Karmeck wrote:
    Omni is kinda expensive.

    Omni is still in pre-order phase.
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