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Stop calling images-videos in 360 monoscopic format, VR

viewportviewport Posts: 81
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Why does it matter for companies to stop calling images or videos in 360 monoscopic format, VR?

Most of the current applications available for Oculus GearVR and PC, claim the ability to be able to put you into a different world. This is the heart of Virtual Reality. Some of those applications recreate the virtual experience using a real time engine, such as Unity or Unreal, and some others use 360 spheres, whether prerendered CGI, photography or video. But unlike in real life, most of those applications (not all of them - congrats to those who are calling a spade a spade) project the exact same image for each eye, therefore, our brain can't process the information in 3D. The lack of depth on our visual senses makes the experience flat and not truly immersive. These applications are often masqueraded as 'VR'.

Why is this bad? VR is a newly emerging medium, and 2016 will be the year that millions and millions of people around the world will be trying VR for the first time. With all the expectation of what true Virtual Reality should be, based on its dotted appearances throughout popular culture over the past 30 years, it's going to be a disappointing first experience for someone to think they are trying 'Virtual Reality', when all they are really trying is 'looking at something through some weird goggles'.

It is not an easy task to create true stereo vision, and there are many technical limitations to capture the real world in stereoscopic 360 images or videos. There are however solutions out there, and we're hoping to see some better off the shelf solutions coming out this year. But so far it is limited, and you have to think outside the box to get a good result.


  • NickytheHuttNickytheHutt Posts: 166
    I read Mark Zuckerberg's post from 4 hours ago about the 360 photo from the Mars rover Curiosity, or was it a video? Anyway, he wrote
    This is a neat 360 video from the surface of Mars. You can look around like you're actually on the planet.
    NASA produced it by stitching together photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, using technology created by the 360 video team at Facebook.
    This is just the beginning of what we can do with virtual reality and 360 video. Pretty amazing.

    It's not virtual reality, it's photography, and browser plug-ins.
  • WebEyeWebEye Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    Good luck bringing it to those ppl :roll: ... _video_is/
  • rlabellerlabelle Posts: 215
    I really enjoy the 360 videos and it is better than no vr at all. I am actually looking to purchase the Ricoh Theta S. No it does not do 3d, but It is $300, and works very well. A similar 3d setup costs thousands and requires a lot of work to stitch and edit video. In a couple of years 360 3d will be commonplace, but for the time being monocular 360 will have to do. :cry:
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  • owenwpowenwp Posts: 681 Oculus Start Member
    Really depends on the content. If the scene is only distant landscapes then it wouldn't look any different in stereo or even with positional tracking.

    Mono 360 is VR with limitations and visual artifacts. All forms of VR available now have some of those, its a matter of degree.
  • i agree people are fed that 360 degree videos are VR.
    i believe VR is Virtual Reality and not 360 degree videos.
    Virtual Reality as its name states it's a Reality in a Virtual world something that has yet to be achieved.
    Sure 360 degree videos are cool but its a 3D gimmick and not VR in any way.
  • jyounjyoun Posts: 232
    360 videos are to VR like porn is to real sex
  • jyoun wrote:
    360 videos are to VR like porn is to real sex

    you are right, the boundaries are there, only visual and hearing has been achieved.
  • onefangonefang Posts: 249
    It's like the entire hacker / cracker thing (that I'd probably have to explain to anyone under 40). The general population will ignore the language proper usage, and use what ever becomes popular. Languages are a living, changing thing, get used to it.
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