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Multiple displays issue

Hiro Protagonist
edited February 2016 in General

I've preordered Oculus Rift CV1 (and even I'm one of the march lucky guys).
But unfortunately there's one case that makes me worry.

I have three displays:
- Benq BL3200PT 32" AMVA [2560x1440]
- Dell 2709W 27" S-PVA [1920x1200]
- Dell P1913 19" (vertical) [900x1440]

In Windows I can choose (with use of shortcut Win+P) between Extend and one-screen-only modes (because my displays have different native resolutions Duplicate mode isn't useful).

How it will work with Oculus Rift CV1?

If I turn off second and third display, I'll also disconnect Rift?
I'm sure that using three screens + Rift will not be the most efficient solution for my PC :?
There will be only all displays + Oculus or primary display only?


  • owenwpowenwp Posts: 681 Oculus Start Member
    The Rift is not treated as a monitor by the operating system, so it is unaffected by those settings. However, your GPU has a limit to the number of devices it can drive at one time, and in some cases using one port might prevent you from using another. You should try plugging in an additional HDMI monitor, or contact tech support for your GPU.
  • SOTBMPSOTBMP Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks for this information ;)
    I have GTX 970, that's should be enough.
  • PyroSteelPyroSteel Posts: 303
    I have a triple monitor setup, mine are 2 dell ultrasharp 24" and a dell ultrawide 29". As long as you have enough ports for the Rift it'll be fine. In the old run time days the system would actually read the Rift as an active display in extended mode. In the newest run times extended mode was ditched in favor of Direct To Rift. The system doesn't see the Rift as a display while not in use. Once an app is started that pings the run time, the Rift turns on to display the content.

    The best part about Direct to Rift is that it can run in its own refresh rate. AND it'll spit out the left eye image before distortion on the main monitor... sorry im rambling.

    So triple monitor, unless you have all your display ports filled is no problem.
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