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Sailing and Virtual Reality

dziemiddziemid Posts: 6
edited March 2016 in Showcase
Ahoy :-)

I would like to share with you and get feedback on sailing app I'm working on. I am new to Unity and VR development, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

1) "Point of Sail" . I've tried submitting it as a concept to Oculus Store on GearVR, but was rejected. Any tips on what to do to make it submittable?

2) I've few others experiments for Google Cardboard under "Marineverse" - please let me know if you want any of them in particular ported to GearVR.



  • MarkHenryCMarkHenryC Posts: 32 Oculus Start Member
    I think the idea has promise, but it's probably a bit too static at the moment.

    Maybe let the user select sail positions and boat direction, perhaps in response to a random wind direction. Have the boat tilt and move accordingly (no bobbing of course).

    If it's educational, maybe some prompts on how the user can improve speed with sail trim etc.
  • dziemiddziemid Posts: 6
    Thank you MarkHenryC for your feedback, taking it on board :-)

    I have another mini project / game I am working on: "Sail to Freedom" -

    It's a little bit more dynamic, you can pretty much sail wherever you want (using point and click interaction). Here is a little bit longer write-up about the project: ... nd-gearvr/

    Do you like the concept of the game?

    Eventually I would like to submit is as a concept to Oculus Store - any feedback on what definitely needs to be improved for it to even have a chance would be much appreciated :-)

    For example I know it should run at 60FPS. Using OVR monitor I can see, that it's sometimes dropping a frame and running at 59FPS - is that definitely problem or is there a margin for error?
  • dziemiddziemid Posts: 6

    I've been working for some time on VR Regatta.

    Thinking about submitting it to review soon (thinking about submitting as an "early access"), but would love to hear your feedback:

    How can I improve it?
    Anything obvious I should fix before submitting for a review?

    Any help much appreciated :-)
  • friedgoldmolefriedgoldmole Posts: 10
    Any chance of building this for the cv1, would love to try it out.
  • dziemiddziemid Posts: 6
    Hey friedgoldmole,

    At some point yes. There is a Vive beta version already, that may work with Touch when it come out. 

    If anyone is interested in helping in testing of the beta version, let me know [email protected] and I will give you access.

  • marineversemarineverse Posts: 20 Oculus Start Member
    Update on this:

    VR Regatta has shipped on Steam and we are working on a home version:

    We have just shipped Big Breezy Boat for Oculus Go:

  • DevilstowerDevilstower Posts: 93
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thank you. My little Sunfish (which is actually my little '81 Phantom, a near-clone) is about to be packed away for the year, so i will need this soon.
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