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ClodoClodo Posts: 61
Hiro Protagonist
edited March 2016 in Showcase
Anyone know POV-Ray?
The Persistence of Vision Raytracer, or POV-Ray, is a ray tracing program which generates images from a text-based scene description
It's free and open-source.

If anyone want to render Omnidirectional Stereo images or video, here the instructions:
  • Download POV-Ray 3.7
  • Overwrite the main .exe with this alpha build: (see the link in the next post)
  • Create a scene, and declare a camera with this code:
    // ODS - Top/Bottom      
    #declare odsIPD = 0.065; // Interpupillary distance
    #declare odsLocationX = 0;
    #declare odsLocationY = 0;
    #declare odsLocationZ = 0;
    #declare odsHandedness = -1; // "-1" for left-handed or "1" for right-handed
    #declare odsAngle = 0; // Rotation, clockwise, in degree.              
    camera {
          location {
            function {  odsLocationX + cos(((x+0.5+odsAngle/360)) * 2 * pi - pi)*odsIPD/2*select(-y,-1,+1) }
            function {  odsLocationY }
            function {  odsLocationZ + sin(((x+0.5+odsAngle/360)) * 2 * pi - pi)*odsIPD/2*select(-y,-1,+1) * odsHandedness }
          direction {
            function {  sin(((x+0.5+odsAngle/360)) * 2 * pi - pi) * cos(pi / 2 -select(y, 1-2*(y+0.5), 1-2*y) * pi) }
            function {  sin(pi / 2 - select(y, 1-2*(y+0.5), 1-2*y) * pi) }
            function {  -cos(((x+0.5+odsAngle/360)) * 2 * pi - pi) * cos(pi / 2 -select(y, 1-2*(y+0.5), 1-2*y) * pi) * odsHandedness }

Some example of rendering (6480 x 6480 pixels, Top-Bottom).
Mirrors - I made this
Stacker Day - POV-Ray sample scene adapted for ODS
Fractals 1 - POV-Ray sample scene adapted for ODS
Fractals 2 - POV-Ray sample scene adapted for ODS
Wineglass - POV-Ray sample scene adapted for ODS
Axis - Test reference

I hope someone can render cool scene with POV-Ray and share here.

I'm thinking about rendering videos, i'm stuck about choosing resolution; i opened another topic about this.

Enjoy POV-Ray!


  • ClodoClodo Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    Patch for POV-Ray 3.7: ... 66%2Bav119

    (i posted here because this forum mark 'as spam' if i include it in the first post... i don't know why)
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Wow awesome. Didn't know that program was still around.
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  • andrewtekandrewtek Posts: 976
    Last time I used Pov Ray was in the early 00's. Used it to create 3d rendered sprites for a J2ME game. I remember it being a fun tool.
  • joanjoan Posts: 131
    Follow-up from the other thread, regarding stereo issue.

    The "Stacker Day" image is the most practical to describe. Looking at the two tallest cube towers, in the space between the "P" cube on the left tower and the "O" cube on the right tower, there is a green cube that shows through. For me this green cube is visually "in front" of the towers while it should be behind. Similarly the "Y" purple cube behind the "R" and "A" on the right tower is closer to the viewpoint than the tower itself.

    I don't know if you see what I mean. I seem to be particularly sensitive to these artifacts, as my eyes are always drawn to them immediately, while it doesn't bother other people as much.
    If you look at the green cube between the towers and you close your eyes alternatively, you can see that we are seeing more of the right side of the cube when viewed with the right eye, it should be the opposite considering the geometry of the scene.

    The POV-ray approach is very interesting. Being able to define all the rays individually is super powerful!
  • ClodoClodo Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    regarding stereo issue
    My fault...
    I correct the issue of "Stacker day", and re-rendered and re-uploaded all images.
    But i feel the are still something that it's not correct when direction is not front, i'm trying to understand what...
    Being able to define all the rays individually is super powerful!
    This is the origin of my fault.
    I made a patch of POV-Ray for ODS and test it (it not have the stereo issue above, at least the 'P' cube issue in "Stacker Day").
    Within discussion about ODS on POV-Ray newsgroup, clipka implement user_defined camera.
    At this point i convert my patch to the new user_camera, and i didn't notice the conversion issue (mainly because i still use the C version). I also have done a corneal transplantation on my right eye, and it's difficult for me to feel this kind of issue, sorry.
  • Hi Clodo,

    I've installed PovRay 3.7 and your patch. I'm rendering default examples with your ODS camera setting. All seems to be fine. I'm using Capsule as player (very good).

    I'm not sure if you still have any problem to correct. Is this setting ok?


  • ClodoClodo Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hi pedropardo,
    I just updated the user_defined formula in the first post and re-rendered/re-uploaded all images.
    I hope i have resolved all issue. I'm waiting a feedback, thanks!
  • joanjoan Posts: 131
    Yes they work!

    Now the remaining artifacts are the spiral/singularities towards the zenith and nadir points. The current solution to this is to progressively remove the stereo for higher latitudes. It's called "pole merging", you can read more about this here for example. Various falloff curves can be tested to avoid loosing the stereo too soon.

    (It's a trade of artifacts though, with the pole merging technique there is a slight curviness to the floor, as if the spot right under your feet felt farther away. It usually works well for outdoor zeniths.).
  • ClodoClodo Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited April 2016
    I write two topic on my blog with all details about my ODS experiments,

    Joan, i do different kinds of experiments about reducing zenith/nadir issue.
    At the end, i use a simple modulation of IPD. 
    Also Google docs about ODS say to leave at least at 3.5 meters (!) objects near the zenith/nadir, so my modulation give acceptable result.
    I don't yet re-render the first-post images with IPD modulation.
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