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Ninja Training The Escape!

fredrick300fredrick300 Posts: 45
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"Ninja Training The Escape" is a game we are currently working on for the Oculus Rift. Currently undergoing a year or 2 (if needed) development plan, and possibly a kickstarter. The game has been said by others to look like Portal, and Mirrors Edge had a baby. :lol:

THE STORY SO FAR (With cutting out spoilers)
The story takes place in the future where the world has become so fond of VR gaming, that it strikes this "VR punk/cyberpunk" era. Two video game company's are fighting for dominance over the market which has become the leading market in the world. "Black games", evil company inspired by (don't take offense) Nazi's, Microsoft, IOI, EA hybrid. Then "Blue Games" is like the Valve etc, the good guys that just take pride and love into there games and not just want money.

You play as a inspiring game designer wanting to make it big by working with whatever big shot company and the problem is that you work for Black Games. It's you're first day on the job, and spending some time in you're cubicle you start to hear to voice, leading you to the side of the company that they didn't want you to see yet as a new worker. Black Games has taken sides with the corrupt military, (the government is all corrupt) since the military gives them huge amounts of money for their simulations. The problem with that is the military wants to simulate VR as close to reality as possible, even with pain, fear, possibly death with GVS (Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation).

Black games has a giant corporate building with a basement full of tortured people, in jail cells, animal testing labs, and after you stumbling into it as a grunt employee, they throw you in with the rest of them; to test their simulations like lab rats. Lots of people die because of their extreme pain with GVS systems black games have set up. So what is you're goal?
Escape. The training simulation their having you do is a program meant to give soldiers better parkour skills in battle, and you have test the whole thing. As the player and more so the character the game will be in the end using what you learned from the levels in the simulation and applying them to the "real world" to make you're escape.

Well thats the story, I cut out spoilers and things for the full games sake.

"Ninja Training VR!" The free verison of the game
Ninja Training VR is the free version of the game. A prototype. Before we wanted to even decide for a kickstarter we wanted to make sure we give something for any investor to look at, not only as a concept but to show we can do this as a game. So, were working on a free version that is much shorter, less graphically intensive, and overall the prototype of what be the actual game that is planned to be 8+hours. Once we get this version done so anyone with a Rift right now can download it and have a go, can feel that giving us any amount of money on a kickstarter will be worth it.
We plan to get this version done before the end of summer and submit it (even through its a prototype) as a "experience" in the IndieGo Oculus Jam event as well!

Blue, green, orange, are meant for parkour, and red is death. Blue are for jumping on, green is for wall running, orange is to walk through. When you're not training in the simulations you're walking around in you're cell or interacting with the environment in Black Games, corporate building. I say interacting because the moments in the game where you're not testing for them, are spent being captured in the real world, those segments of the game kind of act like a first person point and click adventure game, you can click on allot of things, and get a animation, or sound out of them etc.

What we want in the full game!
Heres a list of things were working on.
-8+hour game, hopefully 10 with the extra content.
-Razer hydra support
-Oculus rift support
- 3 different difficulty levels being easy, hard, Ninja Mode.
-2 player co-op with separate levels from the single player, and the whole single player.
- Xbox controller support.
and a slew of things we will probably mention in the kickstarter.


  • BreymacBreymac Posts: 39
    looks sweet! If you need any extra people, let me know :P
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