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Stop Complaining/Arguing

mercilessqtipmercilessqtip Posts: 23
Brain Burst
 Rift launch is days away! I'm eating ramen noodles and drinking water till my order as shipped! I am excited! I can't wait! I've seen so many negative comments and posts about lack of customer support, and while I do agree with some of the things that are said I don't want to dwell on it! I own a GearVR and have been seeing all kinds of changes! Hell the forum is even different looking today! and .. I can't wait to try the Vive too! I tried the first gen dev edition a while back and it was impressive! But I don't know why I just trust that Oculus knows what they are doing. I mean Zuckerberg did invest 2 billion dollars in the company. Anyways.. What i want to know is what is everyone's fav VR experience or game so far on either platform? What Should I Try or buy? Also does any one know if SteamVR or Vorpx will work with Oculus? Have you sold anything important to you to have money for the rift? Have you stopped eating? I quit smoking and so far I am like 50$ short for meeting my Pre-Order safety net! LoL! Poor People want to VR too! 
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  • JoseJose Posts: 888
    Play Blazerush. It's like tiny toy cars shooting rockets at other tiny toy cars on alien planets.

    And play Stardew Valley on a large virtual screen using VorpX or Virtual Desktop.

    I'm looking forward to Fantastic Contraption and Raw Data for Vive.

    EVE Valkyrie is pretty cool, I played it for a few minutes at the Oculus meetup during GDC.

    I enjoyed playing Chronos at Oculus Connect last year. The tone of the game is more like Ico rather than Zelda.

    Play all the things.
  • DaveRDaveR Posts: 54
    Hiro Protagonist
    My favorite is Eve Valkyrie. If you play it at launch, I'd recommend reading their forum for tips. It can be challenging until you learn how to survive (if you see wan5 or QuantumDelta, run...).

    My next favorite is Elite Dangerous. Fantastic and beautiful experience.
  • CleaveCleave Posts: 11
    Sorry I stopped at the "Drinking water" bit but I agree with the sentiment.

    Exciting times indeed :p
  • rogueqdrogueqd Posts: 148
    Hiro Protagonist
    I finally got my GearVR and that's made me really excited about the Rift. The GearVR is awesome. If the GearVR didn't exist for comparison and the Rift was only as good as the GearVR is I would have been happy. I'm sure it's better, so I'm sure I'm going to be even happier, lol.
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